Best 16 inch chainsaw 2023

Are you looking for a chainsaw to suit your needs? Worry not, for here is the complete buying guide for the best 16-inch chainsaw in 2023.

You’ll find all the information and reviews you need to make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing!

Best 16 inch chainsaw 2023

  1. EGO Power+ CS1604 chainsaw(Editor’s Pick)
  2. EGO Power+ CS1610 chainsaw(Best Overall)
  3. Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw(Budget Friendly)
  4. Greenworks 48V chainsaw
  5. Husqvarna X-Cut S93G  Chainsaw
  6. KAKEI Chainsaw Chain
  7. Echo Commercial  Chain Saw

1) EGO Power+ CS1604 chainsaw

Best 16 inch chainsaw


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The EGO Power+ CS1604 chainsaw is strong and reliable. This amazing battery-powered chainsaw cuts powerfully and easily with a 5.0Ah battery and charger. Though 18 pounds, it provides comfort and efficiency while working.

Power off

Even difficult tasks are powered by the EGO Power+ CS1604’s 56V Lithium-Ion battery. This chainsaw can cut tough with its 6800 RPM speed.

Safety and Efficiency The EGO Power+ CS1604 prioritises chainsaw safety. Chain kickback brakes increase safety and decrease injury. This brake mechanism stops the chain quickly in case of backfire, providing you peace of mind while working.

Flexible 16-Inch Chain Bar

The 16-inch bar and chain balance manoeuvrability and cutting capacity in the EGO Power+ CS1604. This chainsaw can clip branches, fell small trees, and cut other tasks simply.

Eco-friendly, silent operation

The EGO Power+ CS1604 is powerful and eco-friendly, unlike gas-powered chainsaws. No hazardous emissions reduce your carbon footprint and improve the environment. Works silently so you can work without disturbing others.

Long-Lasting Battery

The EGO Power+ CS1604’s 5.0Ah battery allows long workdays. This battery can assist professional landscapers and gardeners operate efficiently.

User-Friendly Design

After its excellent performance, the EGO Power+ CS1604 prioritises user comfort and ease. This lightweight build makes it easy to handle and reduces fatigue during long use. The ergonomic handle and well-balanced design provide you optimal chainsaw control.


Finally, the EGO Power+ CS1604 battery-powered chainsaw is ideal for anyone who requires a reliable, efficient, and safe cutting partner. Its 56V Lithium-Ion battery, 16-inch bar and chain, and user-friendly design make it excellent for numerous cutting tasks. Accept the quiet, eco-friendly operation and enjoy a chainsaw that exceeds expectations. Improve your cutting experience with the EGO Power+ CS1604 today.

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  • Cordless, no need for gasoline or electricity
  • Long battery life, up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • Easy to operate, lightweight and low vibration
  • High cutting capacity with 16-inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth operation

Core Feature

Brand EGO Power+
Power Source Battery Powered
Horsepower 3.5 hp
Item Weight 18 Pounds
Product Dimensions 32.1″L x 9.4″W x 9.8″H
Chain Length 16 Inches



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2) EGO Power+ CS1610 chainsaw

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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The EGO Power+ CS1610 battery-powered chainsaw cuts heavy jobs. A 56V Lithium-Ion battery powers the chainsaw’s 16-inch bar and chain.

Trimming Carefully

The EGO Power+ CS1610 chops large branches and trees easily at 20 m/s.

Improved Safety

The EGO Power+ CS1610 prioritises chainsaw safety. A chain kickback brake gives chainsaw users peace of mind. The water-resistant build makes it safe and durable.

Performance and Reliability

Excellent dependability and performance for EGO Power+ CS1610. Its various features and excellent performance make it a multipurpose cutter.

Efficient and green

The green EGO Power+ CS1610 works great. Green battery-powered chainsaws emit no pollution.

User-Friendly Design

The user-friendly EGO Power+ CS1610 combines exceptional performance and safety. Continuous use reduces fatigue with its comfortable handle.

Noiseless Operation

The EGO Power+ CS1610 is quieter than gas chainsaws. This suits residential and noise-sensitive work.

Long-Lasting Battery

The 56V Lithium-Ion EGO Power+ CS1610 battery is efficient and durable. This extended project time by letting users finish jobs uninterrupted.

Minimal Upkeep

Maintaining EGO Power+ CS1610 is simple. Battery-powered chainsaws remove gas-powered chainsaw maintenance.

Various Uses

EGO Power+ CS1610 chops firewood and prunes garden trees neatly.


Bottom line: the EGO Power+ CS1610 is a top chainsaw for strength, reliability, and sustainability. Its powerful cutting power, greater safety, user-friendly design, and long-lasting battery make it a chainsaw winner. Environmentalism requires the EGO Power+ CS1610 cutting tool.

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  • Cordless, no need for gasoline or electricity
  • Long battery life, up to 45 minutes of continuous use
  • Easy to operate, lightweight and low vibration
  • High cutting capacity with 16-inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth operation

Core Feature

Brand EGO Power+
Power Source DC
Horsepower 2.3 hp
Item Weight 19 Pounds
Product Dimensions 31.6″L x 8″W x 9.9″H
Chain Length 16 Inches


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3) Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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The Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL is a sturdy chainsaw for professionals. This battery-powered gadget is popular with professionals and homeowners for its versatility. This review discusses this chainsaw’s distinctive features.

High-performance 18V battery

The Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw’s 18V battery powers its speed and efficiency. The 6600 RPM chainsaw can handle the toughest tasks. Enjoy a unique cutting experience without manual labour.

Safety First: Chain Kickback Brake

Milwaukee chainsaws incorporate chain kickback brakes for professional and DIY safety. The chain kickback brake protects operators. It automatically stops chain rotation when kickback is detected, providing you peace of mind while working.

Easy, cordless operation

No more messy gas refills or wires. The battery-powered Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw is convenient. Without gas or electricity, you can move freely. Take advantage of portability and focus.

Built to Last: Milwaukee’s Quality Guarantee

Milwaukee offers great chainsaws like the 2727-20 M18 FUEL. This chainsaw can withstand heavy use. Milwaukee’s renown ensures professional and DIY loggers’ success.

Personal and Professional Flexibility

The Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw’s 16-inch bar and chain balance cutting and manoeuvrability. This makes it ideal for home and work. This chainsaw prunes, trims, and cuts larger.


Finally, the Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL chainsaw is strong, adaptable, and safe for professionals and DIYers. Its 18V battery and chain kickback brake guarantee safety and performance. This Milwaukee chainsaw stands out for its quality and cordlessness. A reliable chainsaw is the Milwaukee 2727-20 M18 FUEL. Experience the difference today!

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  • Cordless, no need for gasoline or electricity
  • Long battery life, up to 150 cuts per charge
  • Powerful motor with 16-inch bar and chain
  • Easy to operate with variable speed trigger
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth operation

Core Feature

Brand Milwaukee
Power Source Battery Powered
Horsepower 5.3 hp
Product Dimensions 35″L x 11.5″W x 10″H
Chain Length 16 Inches



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 4) Greenworks 48V chainsaw

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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Homeowners seeking a powerful chainsaw may consider the Greenworks 48V. A strong 48V Lithium-Ion battery powers this 16-inch bar and chain gem.

Efficiency at Its Best: Maximum 5800 RPM

This chainsaw stands out with its 5800 RPM top speed. Powerful performance makes it perfect for cutting small to medium-sized branches and trees fast.

Safety First: Chain Kickback Brake

The main priority at Greenworks is safety. The 48V chainsaw has a chain kickback brake for safety. This feature dramatically reduces injury risk, allowing safe work.

Low-Maintenance, High-Performance Automatic Lubrication

Nobody wants to spend more time maintaining tools than using them. The Greenworks 48V Chainsaw lubricates automatically. This smart idea optimises chainsaw efficiency and lowers maintenance.

Flexible Cutting Partner: Multitasking Easy

The Greenworks 48V Chainsaw cuts trees and branches. Any property cutting work is suitable for its power and reliability.


Finally, homeowners looking for a tough chainsaw might consider the Greenworks 48V. The battery-powered architecture, high RPM, safety features, and minimum maintenance set it unique. Discover the simplicity and efficacy of this landscaping and chopping chainsaw. Get the Greenworks 48V Chainsaw today to improve your outdoor activities!

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  • Cordless, no need for gasoline or electricity
  • Long battery life, up to 60 cuts per charge
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • High cutting capacity with 18-inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth operation

Core Feature

Brand Greenworks
Power Source Battery Powered
Product Dimensions 32.05″L x 8.35″W x 9.65″H
Chain Length 16 Inches


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5) Husqvarna X-Cut S93G  Chainsaw

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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Professional arborists and landscapers need good chainsaw chains to cut. The Husqvarna X-Cut S93G Chainsaw is a premium chain.

Good Performance with Sharp Teeth

The 3/8″ pitch X-Cut S93G chain is comprised of high-quality steel for durability. Strong teeth make woodcutting easy. No difficulties and smooth cutting with this great chainsaw chain.

Installation and Removal Simple

Installation and removal of chainsaw chains are difficult. However, the X-Cut S93G installs and uninstalls easily. Focus on sceneries and well-pruned trees instead of chainsaws.

Husqvarna-backed reliability

Professionals need trustworthy tools. Husqvarna X-Cut S93G chainsaw chains are high-quality. The Husqvarna name makes this chain reliable for cutting.

Catering to Pros

The X-Cut S93G is for arborists and landscapers. Its smooth, efficient cutting makes it useful for numerous work tasks. Experience better cutting with the Husqvarna X-Cut S93G chainsaw chain.

Long-term investment

Buying the right chainsaw chain saves time and money. The X-Cut S93G’s sturdy construction makes it tough for cutting. This chain is strong and won’t break often.

Use Versatility

Tree pruning and extensive landscaping are possible with X-Cut S93G. With its versatility, you may switch cutting applications easily. Flexible chainsaw chains power you.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Industry experts recommend the Husqvarna X-Cut S93G Chainsaw. Performance and durability make it a popular choice among specialists worldwide. Join happy customers and see the difference.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion, professional arborists and landscapers seeking a high-quality, robust chainsaw chain should select the Husqvarna X-Cut S93G Chainsaw. Sharp teeth, easy installation, and high performance distinguish it. Get the X-Cut S93G today to improve your cutting. Choose Husqvarna for every brilliant cut.

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  • Durable and long-lasting chain
  • High performance with low vibration
  • Low kickback for safer operation
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain
  • Compatible with various Husqvarna chainsaws

Core Feature

Brand Husqvarna
Chain Type Semi Chisel
Compatibility Options Husqvarna
Product Dimensions 16 x 0.05 x 0.38 inches
Item Weight 3.84 ounces


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6) KAKEI Chainsaw Chain

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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Chainsaw lovers and pros need KAKEI Chainsaw Chain. A quality chainsaw chain improves performance and cuts easier.

Best Performance Design Improved

The 16-inch bar and 56 driving links make the KAKEI Chainsaw Chain excellent for many cutting operations. High-quality steel makes it sturdy and trustworthy for even the roughest tasks.

Installation and Removal Easy

People despise complicated, time-consuming tasks, especially chainsaw chain changes. The KAKEI Chainsaw Chain’s 3/8″ pitch simplifies installation and removal. Stop chain replacement struggles!

Effective Punching and Temperature Control

KAKEI Chainsaw Chain goes above and above for performance and durability. Temperature control and punching keep the chain at the appropriate temperature. This function drastically reduces chain overheating and extends longevity. Focus on your task with a safe chainsaw.

Suitable for Milwaukee or Dewalt Chainsaws

Compatibility is needed when replacing a chainsaw chain. The Milwaukee or Dewalt chainsaw chain replacement KAKEI Chainsaw Chain is sturdy and effective. This chainsaw chain works well every time.


Finally, the KAKEI Chainsaw Chain revolutionises novice and pro chainsaw use. Its strong construction, quick installation, excellent temperature regulation, and compatibility with common chainsaw models make it a top choice. KAKEI Chainsaw Chains increase chainsaw cutting performance today. Accept nothing less than best!

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  • Durable and long-lasting chain
  • High performance with low vibration
  • Low kickback for safer operation
  • Compatible with various chainsaws
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain

Core Feature

Item Pitch 0.38 Inches
Chain Type Semi-Chisel
Gauge 0.043
Compatibility Options 3/8″ LP pitch 


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7) Echo Commercial  Chain Saw

Best 16 inch chainsaw

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The Echo Commercial Chain Saw is suitable for professionals who need a tough chainsaw. The top-of-the-line gas-powered chainsaw is for experts like you. Its 16-inch bar and chain and 34.4cc engine can do any work.

Create Power with Echo Commercial Chain Saw

The Echo Commercial Chain Saw’s 12,800 RPM peak speed makes it unsurpassed for demanding work. This chainsaw is for stubborn jobs.

i-30 Starter Easy Start

The Echo Commercial Chain Saw’s i-30 starter makes chainsaw starting effortless. This breakthrough feature simplifies starting every time, saving time and effort.

Safety First with Chain Kickback Brake

Chainsaw safety is essential. The Echo Commercial Chain Saw incorporates a chain kickback brake for safety. This added protection provides you work peace of mind.


Conclusion, professionals seeking a reliable and powerful tool pick the Echo Commercial Chain Saw. Powerful 34.4cc engine and 16-inch bar and chain give it unmatched performance. The chain kickback brake protects and the i-30 starter starts quickly. Choose the Echo Commercial Chain Saw for confidence on challenging projects.

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  • Powerful motor with up to 36-inch bar and chain
  • Easy to operate with ergonomic handle
  • Durable and long-lasting with heavy-duty construction
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth operation
  • Low vibration for comfortable operation.

Core Feature

Brand Echo
Power Source Gas Powered
Item Weight 12 Pounds
Product Dimensions 20″L x 12″W x 12″H
Chain Length 16 Inches


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Best 16 inch chainsaw 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Chainsaws are power tools used by both professionals and homeowners engaged in the task of cutting wood for their respective projects. The 16-inch chainsaw is a versatile machine that can be used for small jobs such as limbing or cutting firewood as well as larger cutting projects such as bucking logs.

In order to make an informed decision when buying a new chainsaw, it is important to consider the following key elements: power, weight, bar length, chain pitch, and user comfort & safety.

This guide aims to provide you with the necessary information and reviews needed to select the best 16-inch chainsaw for your needs in 2023. We will first take a look at why this size chainsaw is so popular and then describe what features should be considered when selecting one. Afterward, we will review some of the top models on the market today based on their performance, features and overall value. Finally, we’ll conclude with some tips on proper usage and care that will ensure you have many years of successful service from your chainsaw purchase!

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Explanation of the importance of choosing the right chainsaw

Choosing the right chainsaw for your needs can make a huge difference in terms of safety and results. In order for you to get the best performance out of any chainsaw, it is important to consider various factors such as blade size, motor size, and type of batteries used. Additionally, certain types of chainsaw are better suited for certain tasks based on their design and available features. All these considerations will make sure that you get the most out of your money, time and energy when it comes to completing your job.

For instance, if you are looking for a chainsaw with a longer run time and greater power than smaller models can offer then a 16-inch cordless chainsaw with Li-Ion batteries might be best as it has greater running capacity then smaller models. Additionally, it may be beneficial to look at larger blades with more teeth if you are chopping thicker logs or cutting through heavier materials since they provide more efficient cuts.

Safety should also remain a top priority while operating any chain saw. This might include investing in protective wear such as steel toe boots or gloves and wearing long sleeved clothing to reduce the risk of injury from flying particles or sparks during operation.

Brief overview of the article

This article is designed to provide an in-depth guide to selecting the best 16 inch chainsaw that suits your needs and will help you understand the various aspects of chainsaws.

It will outline what size saw you should look for, what type of engine you need, which safety features are important, and the different types of chain available. We’ll also discuss the power sources available and their capabilities, discuss performance ratings, fuel types and capacities.

Finally we’ll compare prices between manufacturers to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect 16 inch chainsaw for your needs!

Types of Chainsaws

Choosing the right type of chainsaw is important in making sure you get a tool that will be perfect for whatever job you need to do. There are several different types available, so we’ll take a look at the most common types and their features.

Types of Chainsaws:

  1. Gasoline-powered Chainsaws – These chainsaws have been around for decades and are the most powerful and reliable types of saws available. They’re used mainly by professionals, but can also be found in some home workshops as well. They require regular maintenance, such as refueling and oiling, but are ideal for heavy duty cutting tasks such as felling large trees or logs.
  2. Electric Chainsaws – Electric chainsaws offer convenience because they operate cordlessly and are much lighter than gasoline-powered saws due to its lack of engine. They produce good cutting power, but not as much as their gas counterparts, making them better suited for smaller jobs in their 16″ or 18″ versions or larger ones in their 20″ models .
  3. Corded Electric Chainsaws – Corded electric chainsaws have similar features to cordless electric saws; however, they provide a bit more power since they draw power from an external source (such as an extension cord) instead of being powered solely with a battery pack . They are typically found either in 16″, 18″, 20″ or 24” sizes and have been designed with easy portability from job site to job site if necessary.

Gas-powered chainsaws

Gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful type of chainsaw available, suitable for a variety of tasks related to construction and landscape maintenance. Commonly used by professionals and homeowners alike, gas chainsaws can be used for trimming trees and branches, cutting firewood, logging, etc. However, their maintenance requirements are much higher than that of an electric or battery-powered saws.

When selecting your gas-powered chainsaw it is important to consider the power output of the engine or motor. Generally speaking, larger engines produce more power and will be able to handle larger cutting demands with constructed from harder woods like Oak or Ash whereas smaller motors can work with softer woods such as Pine or Poplar without straining the engine. Manufacturers also offer different sized bar lengths for their saws – the best bar length will depend on what type of job you need to do and if you need extra reach into thicker plant material like limbs.

Other considerations include weight (to prevent fatigue while in use), anti-vibration properties (to reduce fatigue while in use), noise levels (to reduce noise pollution) and price.

Electric-powered chainsaws

Electric-powered chainsaws are the most popular and widely used type of chain saw. They offer great performance in a relatively small size, and are generally easy to use and handle, with little maintenance needed.

Electric-powered chainsaws work by converting electrical power into mechanical energy that drives the chain up and down. They require no gasoline or oil for fueling, making them very cost-effective to run.

Electric-powered chainsaws come in all sizes from 12 inches to 16 inches, making them a great option for many applications.

When selecting an electric saw, it’s important to choose one that has enough power for the types of work you’ll be doing. Most electric-powered models come with either 14 inch or 16 inch bars that are well suited for home use – cutting firewood and doing light pruning or trimming branches from trees – but if you plan on using your electric chainsaw often, then look for one with a larger bar such as 16 inches so you can tackle larger tree limbs more easily and efficiently. Additionally, look for models with built in safety features such as kickback protection so you can work more comfortably and lessen the chances of injury while working with your electric saw.

Buying Guide for 16-inch Chainsaws

When buying a 16-inch chainsaw, you need to ensure that it is the best fit for your needs. It has to be powerful enough to get the job done, yet not so big that it is cumbersome. There are various features and specifications that one must consider before purchasing a 16-inch chainsaw.

First, consider the size of the motor. It should be capable of producing enough power to complete tasks without overworking or straining. Look at the blade material; for most jobs, a durable steel alloy is ideal. The length of the blade has an effect on how maneuverable and precise the chainsaw is, in addition to its capacity for handling larger branches or cutting through thick lengths of wood. The tensioning system should be robust and reliable so you can maintain proper blade tension and extended use without having to adjust frequently or replace components prematurely. Consider if you would prefer an automatic or manual oiler for lubrication, as this also affects performance and maintenance requirements depending on your choice of engine type. Lastly, look into any additional accessories included with some units such as adjustable handlebar length and attached carrying cases for transportability.

By selecting a well-rounded chainsaw with all these factors in mind, you can ensure that it’s up to any task 16 inches of wood throws at it!


When buying a chainsaw, one of the most critical aspects to consider is the power of the engine. The power of a chainsaw is usually stated in cubic centimeters (cc). Generally, in residential use, 1.7-3.4 cc will be sufficient for most home tasks such as pruning or cutting firewood up to 16 inches.

However, for cutting trees in excess of 16 inches we recommend using a 3 – 4cc engine or larger. The higher the cc rating, the more powerful the engine and the easier it will be to handle larger jobs such as making fence posts and posts for decks.


When selecting a chainsaw, it is important to note the weight of the saw. Generally speaking, the lighter the saw is, the easier it is to use for extended periods of time. Lighter saws also have more maneuverability and are less likely to cause control fatigue.

For example, a 16-inch chainsaw that weighs around 8 pounds can easily be used for long periods of time without becoming burdensome or uncomfortable. However, lighter weight tends to come with less power. If you plan on cutting large amounts of hardwood then you may need a heavier saw that offers more power and strength.


When you’re looking for a durable chainsaw, it is important to consider the strength of the construction. Quality materials make all the difference in how long your saw will perform at optimal levels. Check for features like heavy-duty engines with two-stroke designs and top-of-the-line anti-vibration systems. High quality warranties are also a great indicator of durability, as well as cost and brand reputation.

Other features that contribute to a saw’s durability include oil type, bar length and chain gauge. Choose an engine powered by premium oil to keep your machine running smoothly, longer bar lengths for more power, and chain gauges that are appropriate for the types of wood you will be cutting. A well maintained 16 inch chainsaw can last for many years with proper use, making it an important investment.

Maintenance Tips

Properly maintaining your chainsaw is necessary to ensure that it delivers consistent performance and lasts as long as possible. Here are some maintenance tips you should follow:

-Always begin maintenance work with the motor off for safety purposes.

-Check the fuel level before you start cutting, and make sure to fill it up when necessary.

-Clean any debris or dust off of the chainsaw including around the chain sprocket nose and bar mount by blowing it off or using a damp cloth.

-Check the tension of your chain regularly, ideally after every few hours of use. Your chainsaw manual will tell you how to properly adjust the tension.

-Make sure your air filter remains clean by cleaning it frequently with soapy water or replacing it if necessary.

-Sharpen your saw’s chain regularly to increase performance, following appropriate safety protocol given in your user manual.

-Lubricate the bar rails, bar tip sprocket area, and bolts with high quality bar oil for optimum functioning levels and accuracy in cuts.

By following these maintenance tips on a regular basis, you can ensure that your 16 inch chainsaw runs smoothly for longer periods of time without hiccups due to improper maintenance!

Regular cleaning and lubrication

Regular cleaning and lubrication of your 16 inch chainsaw are essential in order to keep it running efficiently and reliably. This should include wiping down the outside of the saw with soapy water to remove dirt and sap, as well as checking and oiling the chain, bar, sprocket tip, and all other moving parts.

It is important that you use a high quality chainsaw bar oil or universal chainsaw lubricant on all these items since regular motor oil is not suitable for lubricating chainsaws. You should also make sure to check the chain tension regularly because an overly tight chain can cause excessive wear on the components.

Finally, it is important to check the air filter for clogs or dirt build up that might restrict airflow; this is necessary even when using dust-reducing masks or covers on your saws.

Chain tension adjustment

Chain adjustment, or tensioning the chain, is a crucial part of using a chainsaw. If the chain moves too loosely on the bar, it can twist, jump off and cause kickback. This can be dangerous and damaging to both you and your saw. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your chain is properly tensioned before every use.

To tension your chainsaw’s chain correctly:

  • Make sure the engine is switched off and wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop before attempting this process;
  • Place the chainsaw on a level surface or workbench;
  • Locate the adjusting bolt or screw and turn it clockwise to tighten;
  • Use gloves to manually check that there is enough tension on the chain by pulling it out away from the bar with your fingers;
  • The guide bar should move forward slightly as you do this. Once it has been correctly tensioned, you should feel some resistance when trying to move it but be careful not to over-tighten – an excessively tight chain could cause additional friction which could damage both guide bar and drive sprocket. If in doubt, contact qualified personnel for help.

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In conclusion, we can see that 16-inch chainsaws are practical and versatile pieces of garden-cutting equipment, perfect for more delicate trimming tasks. There is a wide range of chainsaws available, each with its own unique features; this guide has zeroed-in on the main factors to consider when selecting the ideal 16-inch chainsaw for your needs. Ultimately, the perfect saw will depend on a variety of elements specific to you and your individual needs and preferences.

We hope this guide has proved useful in helping you to make an informed purchasing decision when it comes to buying the best 16-inch chainsaw for your projects.


What is a 16 inch chainsaw good for?

A 16 inch chainsaw is good for cutting medium-sized trees, branches, and firewood.

How big of a tree can a 16 inch chainsaw cut?

A 16 inch chainsaw can cut trees up to approximately 32 inches in diameter, depending on the chainsaw’s power and the user’s experience.

What is the best electric 16 chain saw?

The best electric 16 inch chainsaw depends on personal preference and needs. Some highly rated models include the Oregon CS1500, Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, and the EGO Power+ CS1604.

Is a 16 inch chainsaw big enough?

Whether a 16 inch chainsaw is big enough depends on the user’s needs. It is suitable for most household and DIY projects, but professionals or those with larger properties may require a larger chainsaw.

What is the highest rated chainsaw?

The highest rated chainsaw varies depending on the source and criteria, but some highly rated models include the Husqvarna 460 Rancher, Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss, and Echo CS-590.

What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Professionals often use chainsaw chains from brands like Oregon, Stihl, and Husqvarna.

What is the hardest wood to cut with chainsaw?

Hardwoods like hickory and oak can be challenging to cut with a chainsaw due to their density and toughness.

How do I choose a chainsaw?

When choosing a chainsaw, consider factors like power source (gas or electric), bar length, weight, and intended use.

What cc chainsaw do I need?

The cc (cubic centimeter) of a chainsaw engine refers to the engine’s displacement, which can affect power and cutting ability. The appropriate cc for a chainsaw depends on the user’s needs.

Should I buy a 14 inch or 16 inch chainsaw?

Whether to buy a 14 inch or 16 inch chainsaw depends on the user’s needs. A 14 inch chainsaw is suitable for light cutting and smaller projects, while a 16 inch chainsaw is better for medium-sized trees and firewood.

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