Best alaskan chainsaw mill 2023

Are you looking for a reliable and durable Alaskan Chainsaw Mill in 2023? Do you want to cut valuable lumber from old logs, but don’t know how?

This buying guide will provide you with all the essential tips and tricks that you need to consider before making the purchase. You’ll be able to find the perfect chainsaw mill for all your needs.

Best alaskan chainsaw mill 2023

  1. Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill(Editor’s Pick)
  2. ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill(Best Overall)
  3. Granberg Chainsaw Mill(Budget Friendly)
  4. Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill
  5. Forestry Suppliers Alaskan Chain Saw Mills
  6. Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill
  7. Granberg Portable Chainsaw mill

1) Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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Alaskan Granberg Chainsaw Mills redefine chainsaw milling. This manual chainsaw mill turns big logs into high-quality wood.

Cutting width 32″ releases potential

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill’s 32″ cutting width cuts large logs. This mill can process large fallen trees and prepare wood for woodworking. Use this strong equipment instead of a chainsaw.

Up to 13″ deep cutting

Need logs ground to a thickness? Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill cuts 13″ deep. The function customises timber for your project. From massive support beams to tiny planks, this chainsaw mill is accurate and versatile.

Strong metal construction for durability

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill’s metal is tough for milling. Its strong build makes it a long-term buddy. No matter the task, the mill works admirably.

Power: 2.8 HP

A 2.8-horsepower chainsaw maximises Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. This basic requirement allows many chainsaws, making the mill accessible to many. You may use this great milling tool with a strong chainsaw.

Simple, Effective Setup and Use

Simple equipment makes Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill user-friendly. Setting up and milling is easy. From beginners to timber artists, our mill welcomes anyone.

Anywhere Mill: Wilderness to Workshop

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is portable. This mill is ideal for rural areas with many fallen logs. Source-milling saves time and money on transportation.

Custom Wood for Projects

Custom-sized planks please woodworkers. Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill cuts excellent woodworking timber. The chainsaw mill lets you mill wood for furniture, decorations, and outdoor buildings.


Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill transforms chainsaw ownership. The wide cutting width, depth, and sturdy construction maximise chainsaw milling. Expert carpenters and weekend DIYers may turn logs into beautiful wood with this mill. Be creative with the Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill’s power, simplicity, and precision.

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  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can mill lumber up to 48 inches wide
  • Compatible with a wide range of chainsaws
  • Affordable compared to other options
  • Durable and long-lasting

Core Feature

Manufacturer ‎GRANBERG
Part Number ‎G778-36
Item Weight ‎18 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎37 x 14 x 4 inches
Item model number ‎G778-36
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Style ‎Mill
Material ‎Metal


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2) ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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The ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill is the finest instrument for woodworkers who seek a strong sawmill. This tiny, lightweight manual chainsaw mill makes turning logs into high-quality lumber easy.

Comfortable and Durable

Alaskaan Granberg Chain Saw Mills are 24 x 13 x 4 inches for convenience. Perfect for distant use, its compact size makes it easy to store and travel. Steel structure makes this mill durable and efficient.

Cutting Effectively

The ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill cuts up to 13 inches deep, making it excellent for woodworking. This mill cuts timber for furniture, construction, and DIY projects easily and precisely.

Lifelong Design

The durable ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill uses high-quality steel. Its durability makes it a reliable woodworking tool for heavy-duty milling.

Your Portable Lumber Mill

For portable milling, this chainsaw mill is revolutionary. The ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill can quickly turn logs into lumber for any purpose.

Cheap Lumber Milling Unlock

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill investment ensures cost-effective timber production. Make your own boards with this efficient tool to save money on pre-cut lumber and manage your woodworking activities.

User-friendly, easy

Worried about complicated setups? Fear not! User-friendly ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill. Its ease of use allows beginners mill wood like pros.


Finally, the ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill is a powerful and flexible tool that makes woodworking easy. Any chainsaw learner needs it for its durability, portability, and cost. Never buy pre-cut lumber again with the ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill!

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  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Can cut planks up to 36 inches wide and 13 inches thick
  • High-quality and precise cuts
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • Easy to assemble and operate

Core Feature

Item Weight 0.11 Pounds
Product Dimensions 20″L x 13″W x 4″H
Item Weight 1.76 ounces


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3) Granberg Chainsaw Mill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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The Granberg Chainsaw Mill is perfect for portable lumber milling. A chainsaw converts logs into fine lumber in this modest manual sawmill. This mill can cut 26-inch logs with a 60cc chainsaw, making it ideal for timber production.

Granberg Chainsaw Mill Unlocked

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill is smartly designed to attach to your chainsaw for quick wood splitting. It cuts huge logs effortlessly with its 26″ cutting width. Its 13″ cutting depth enables you manufacture timber with various thicknesses to match your needs.

Effective Sawing using Manual Power

Granberg Chainsaw Mill manual timber sawing is easy and effective. Your own power can chop logs into valuable planks without electricity or fuel. It decreases operational costs and allows remote work with little power.

Granberg Chainsaw Mill Durability

Granberg Chainsaw Mill quality tools are needed. This mill’s high-quality metal construction can withstand extensive use. Durable structure makes it a long-term investment.

Flexibility and Convenience Access

Granberg Chainsaw Mill’s versatility lets you create timber with ingenuity. This mill is for all woodworkers, pros and amateurs. Its portability helps you work on different projects at different places, improving your woodworking talents.

Safely Operating Granberg Chainsaw Mill

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill is efficient yet must be safe. Safety and protective clothing are needed to operate the mill. Mill securely and comfortably by prioritising health.

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill’s Environmental Benefit: Lumber manufacturing is eco-friendly. Sustainable forestry uses fallen or salvaged trees to reduce fresh-cut timber. This eco-friendly method saves forests and keeps woodworking sustainable.


Finally, the Granberg Chainsaw Mill transforms woodworking and lumber production. For turning logs into timber, its cutting ability, durability, and portability are required. A professional or amateur, this manual sawmill improves woodworking. So use the Granberg Chainsaw Mill to discover lumber crafting’s creativity, efficiency, and sustainability. Happy milling!

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  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transportation
  • Can mill logs up to 18 inches wide and 13 inches deep
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • Produces high-quality and accurate cuts

Core Feature

Brand Granberg
Power Source Manual
Item Weight 17 Pounds
Product Dimensions 31″L x 14″W x 4″H


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4) Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill is a wonderful manual chainsaw mill that fits simply on a chainsaw to make high-quality lumber.

48″ Cutting Width Increases Efficiency

This sawmill is ideal for milling huge logs because to its 48″ cutting width.

Easy to Use, Smooth Transport

Manual operation makes this sawmill easy for novices. Additionally, its portability makes it excellent for many contexts.

Designed to Last

The Alaskan Granberg Chainsaw Sawmill is durable. This milling tool can withstand frequent use and last for years.

Required Power and Compatibility

The amazing sawmill works best with 60cc chainsaws. This ensures the mill operates well and produces well.

Granberg Chainsaw Improves Alaskan Sawmill Efficiency

Turning Logs into Lumber

The Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill transforms logs into marketable lumber of various sizes and shapes, revolutionising timber milling. Create custom lumber for your projects instead of pre-cutting it.

Ideal for Big Projects

This sawmill is ideal for large log woodworkers. Cutting huge logs fast and accurately is possible with its 48″ cutting width.

Handy Manual Operation

Don’t fear complicated machinery. Manually operating this chainsaw mill provides you full cutting control. This sawmill guarantees a pleasant experience for woodworkers regardless of expertise.

Transport, Mill Anywhere

Granberg Chainsaw Unlike heavy sawmills, Alaskan Sawmills are portable. Transport it conveniently to your garden or isolated timber supply for milling. The lightweight, compact form makes transport easier.

Long-lasting durability

Buy the Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill for quality and longevity. This sawmill is made of strong materials and can survive hard use. This tool endures milling projects.

Enhanced chainsaw compatibility

Minimum 60cc chainsaw power is recommended for sawmill performance. Continuously maximise the sawmill’s potential for best outcomes.


In conclusion, the Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill transforms timber milling. For turning logs into timber, its wide cutting width, ease of use, and compatibility with strong chainsaws make it perfect. Enjoy efficiency, portability, and durability with the Granberg Chainsaw Alaskan Sawmill and improve your woodworking.

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  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can mill lumber up to 36 inches wide and 13 inches thick
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • Made from high-quality and durable materials
  • Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and small-scale woodworkers

Core Feature

Brand Granberg
Power Source Manual
Item Weight 21 Pounds
Part Number ‎G778-48
Item Weight ‎21 pound


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5) Forestry Suppliers Alaskan Chain Saw Mills

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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Forestry Suppliers Alaskan Chain Saw Mills are great for woodworkers upgrading projects. Attach these manual chainsaw mills to your chainsaw to make high-quality lumber.

Realise 3/8 Pitch Ripping Chain Potential

The mills’ 0.05 chain gauge uses 3/8 pitch ripping chains. They work with numerous chainsaws, making them adaptable. These mills work well with chainsaws or upgrades.

Durability and reliability yield long-term results

Alaskan Chain Saw Mills are distinguished by durable materials. Unmatched durability makes these mills a woodworking partner. They always provide despite hard cutting and sawing.

User-friendly design for ease

Alaskan Chain Saw Mills from Forestry Suppliers are user-friendly. These mills are designed for ease of usage. No learning curve for chainsaw mill beginners. User-friendly mills save time and increase efficiency.

Ability to handle all log sizes

The chainsaw mills can handle any log size. From twigs to tree trunks, Alaskan Chain Saw Mills can handle it. This adaptability enables you try different woodworking projects and express yourself.

An Affordable Lumber Production Method

Alaskan Chain Saw Mills are wise investments. Cutting timber can save you a lot over time. Use a cheaper woodworking option instead of store-bought timber.


Finally, Forestry Suppliers Alaskan Chain Saw Mills are the ideal tools for woodworkers looking to improve. Their durability, ease of use, chainsaw compatibility, and ability to handle logs of all sizes make them a good investment. These amazing chainsaw mills will help you produce beautiful woodworking projects.

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  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can mill logs up to 30 inches wide and 13 inches deep
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • Produces high-quality and precise cuts

Core Feature

Manufacturer Granberg International
Best Sellers Rank #493,375
Item model number 75250


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6) Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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The manual Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill increases lumber productivity. This advanced mill fits effortlessly onto your chainsaw, transforming logs into high-quality timber.

Release Your Milling Potential: Unveil Features

Amazing Cutting Width:

This chainsaw mill’s 24″ cutting width allows for manoeuvrability while remaining compact and portable. The proper balance of efficiency and ease.

Powerful manual operation makes Granberg Alaskan MKIV versatile and accessible to all users. It works with various chainsaws with 2.8 horsepower, making milling easier.


High-quality metal makes this chainsaw mill. It can withstand years of heavy machining, so trust it.

Premium Hardware:

The mill boasts secure and stable hardware. Working with a securely fastened chainsaw provides you peace of mind.

Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill CNC-machined flawlessly. This engineering marvel improves milling precision and durability.

Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill Benefits: Unlock Milling

Home Convenience:

This chainsaw mill mills lumber effortlessly. Avoid sawmill fees by controlling your milling process.

This chainsaw mill is a cheaper alternative to freestanding sawmills. Increase chainsaw use to save on a sawmill.

Best Customization:

The Granberg Alaskan MKIV lets you customise each log. Adjust lumber size and shape for your project.

Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill saves time and effort. Its well-engineered design enables you finish milling chores fast so you can focus on creativity.


Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill is suitable for timber milling. Strong construction and precise engineering assure smooth grinding. The Granberg Alaskan MKIV Chainsaw Mill allows you mill timber at home and be creative. Replace off-the-shelf lumber with handcrafted, high-quality woodwork. Get this excellent chainsaw mill today to improve your woodworking.

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  • Can mill lumber up to 48 inches wide and 13 inches thick
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • High-quality and accurate cuts
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Easy to assemble and operate

Core Feature

Brand Granberg
Power Source Manual
Horsepower 2.8 hp
Item Weight 16 Pounds


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7) Granberg Portable Chainsaw mill

Best alaskan chainsaw mill

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Granberg Chainsaw Mill metal is strong. This heavy-duty machine can handle 3.2-inch thickness. Gas-powered operation makes it portable and easier to utilise in remote areas.

Durable zinc plating

Granberg Chainsaw Mill is zinc-coated. Innovative structure increases durability and lifespan. A good timber investment, this mill will survive for years.

Quality assurance family-owned

Granberg Chainsaw Mill is family-owned, unlike generics. This shows their quality and service. Buy this chainsaw mill to join a heritage of competence and customer satisfaction.

Utilise Lumber Production

Granberg Portable Chainsaw Mills may produce timber for professionals and enthusiasts. Simple design and efficient operation make wood-to-timber conversion easy. Granberg Chainsaw Mill accuracy and efficiency replace laborious procedures.

The Granberg Portable Chainsaw Mill is durable, efficient, and portable. Gas-powered and zinc-plated, this mill can handle any timber project. This chainsaw mill is perfect for woodworkers and professionals simplifying production. Buy the Granberg Chainsaw Mill to boost timber production.

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  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Can mill logs up to 36 inches wide and 13 inches deep
  • Compatible with most chainsaws
  • Produces high-quality and precise cuts
  • Easy to set up and operate.

Core Feature

Manufacturer ‎GRANBERG
Part Number ‎G555B
Item Weight ‎6.8 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎25.5 x 9 x 3.2 inches
Size ‎24
Material ‎Metal


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Best alaskan chainsaw mill 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to the complete buying guide for Alaskan chainsaw mills in the year 2023! These power tools are great for taking fallen trees and logs and turning them into lumber, kindling, or firewood. With the right chainsaw mill, you can transform that unused piece of land into something far more productive—whether you’re a homeowner or a professional.

In this guide, we’ll look at what makes an ideal chainsaw mill to buy this year. We cover important topics such as cost, performance, safety features, and much more. Furthermore, our guide will help you figure out how to determine which model is best for your needs. Towards the end of the guide, we’ve also provided reviews of some of our favorite models on the market today. Read on to learn all about Alaskan chainsaw mills in 2023—and some tips for making sure yours lasts many years with proper use and care!

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Brief overview of Alaskan chainsaw mills

Alaskan chainsaw mills are an innovative way to make use of a chainsaw and turn it into an effective and efficient sawing machine. These sawmills can be used on a variety of logs, both softwoods and hardwoods, however they are typically best suited for making lumber out of large pieces of wood. Chainsaw mills provide an ideal way to cut logs into boards or beams in tight spaces or more remote locations where transporting large logs would otherwise be impossible.

To make the full use of these process, a brief overview regarding Alaskan chainsaw mill is provided here:

Chainsaw mills consist of two primary components: The bar that holds the chainsaw in place and the guide rail that allows for precise cutting at desired angles. The power source for operating a chainsaw mill is usually gasoline-fueled engines, however other forms such as electric motors may also be used. Most Alaskan Chainsaw Mills are relatively lightweight, weighing between 20-50lbs (9-22kg). These mills come in various sizes ranging from 24” (60cm) all the way up to 36” (90cm) depending on the model being used.

In order to get the most out of a sawmill, professionals will often employ jigs or fixtures which guide the log through a repeatable accurate cut pattern and enable users to create multiple cuts quickly and accurately without having to reposition or realign their log cutting pattern each time they need to adjust their cutting line accordingly.

Importance of using a chainsaw mill

Chainsaw mills are gaining in popularity due to their versatile application and ability to quickly turn logs into useable lumber. Their easy portability is an especially attractive feature as it allows them to be used on construction sites or in remote locations where larger mills can’t reach. With the right technique, they can offer accurate and uniform cuts even at relatively high speeds.

In order for a chainsaw mill to do its job safely and efficiently, the saw blade must be the proper size for the length of wood being cut. A chainsaw with a smaller than recommended capacity will require more passes over a piece of wood leading to more time consuming cutting, which could create more waste due to excessive heat buildup in the saw chain. Additionally, a chain that is too large for the mill will require lots of extra power as well as frequent chain adjustments that could damage your lumber.

To ensure safe operation, make sure your mill has guards installed around potential contact areas since cut branches and boards can flip out unexpectedly at high speeds when cutting against the grain or if belt tension is too tight. Also, be sure you are wearing personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and steel-toed boots when working with a sawmill – both for your own safety and that of those around you who may have their eyes on you while operating this heavy machine!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

When choosing an Alaskan chainsaw mill, you’ll need to consider a few different factors. The main factors to think about include the length of the saw bar, cutting speed, cutting capacity and overall weight.

Length of Saw Bar: The saw blade length will have a direct impact on the size of lumber that can be milled. Generally speaking, longer saw bars are better if larger boards are expected to be milled. For rough lumber production and large board stock, a 36-inch bar is recommended. For general purpose use and board stock of up to 4 inches thick, a 24-inch bar is typically sufficient. It’s important to match the longest possible saw blade with your chainsaw for optimal results.

Cutting Speed: This is mostly determined by the power output of your engine; usually measured in cc or ci (cubic centimeter/cubic inch). Gasoline powered chainsaws can provide more power than electric models, though electric mills may come with more modern features like variable speed settings and automatic chain oiling systems.

Cutting Capacity: This measures how wide your log can be when you’re cutting it into boards or planks of lumber. Generally speaking, wider blades will allow you to cut logs up to 8 inches in diameter while narrower blades may allow cuts up to 3 or 4 inches thick at best.

Weight: This is important because the heavier the mill, the harder it is for one person to move around when milling large pieces of timber or multiple logs at once – not only that but it also adds wear and tear on your chainsaw and you as well! You’ll want something light enough so you can easily transport it yourself but also keep in mind that greater stability often comes from heavier models too – which ultimately affects cutting accuracy as well!

Type of chainsaw mill

When selecting a chainsaw mill, the type of mill you choose is determined by the size of your chainsaw as well as what type of logs you want to mill. There are three main types of chainsaw mills available: standard, mini and micro.

Standard Chainsaw Mills – These mid-sized mills attach to the bar of your saw and are designed for cutting thicker logs. Most are capable of handling logs 12″ to 24″ in diameter. They can be ground, attached directly to your saw, or you can use a dedicated guide rail system for extended passes.

Mini Chainsaw Mills – These smaller mills fit on the bar of small chainsaws such as electric and arborist saws. They are smaller but still have enough power to cut small logs up 17-18″ in diameter depending on the model.

Micro Chainsaw Mills – Micro chainsaws have the smallest blades and may not always fit on traditional gas powered milling machines so they work best when used with a dedicated guide rail track system or push stick design that allows cutting without using a chain saw bar. Generally these can handle logs up to 12″ in diameter but there are some designs that can cut larger logs with an additional guide rail system.

Size and weight

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of chainsaw mill you need for your project, it’s important to think about the size and weight of the model. Different saw mills come in varying sizes, so it’s essential to consider a few factors before selecting a model.

If you are working with large logs, you’ll need a bigger and stronger mill. Large saw mills can cut logs up to 24 inches in diameter and 12 feet long, while most of the other saw mills should be able to handle 18 inch diameter logs. Keep in mind that if your saw is too big or powerful for your needs, it could cause strain on the motor and potentially damage your cutting tools faster than necessary.

Weight should also be taken into consideration when choosing an Alaskan mill. Consider where you will be using the saw before making a purchase decision – some models may work better if they are smaller and easier to move between job sites, while others might require more stability since they will be used in one location for longer periods of time.

Compatibility with your chainsaw

It’s important to make sure your Alaskan mill is compatible with the type and size of chainsaw you own. Though they are designed to fit chainsaws with 18-inch to 72-inch bars, not all milling devices are the same.

Look carefully at the compatibility details on each chain saw–some may limit their reach to certain saws. As a general rule, it is recommended that you purchase an Alaskan mill that fits up to a quarter of an inch wider than your chain saw’s bar for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Make sure you check for compatibility with specific brands or models when purchasing a sawmill online or from different retailers. It is helpful to take measurements from your current chainsaw first before selecting a new Alaskan mill.

How to Use an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Using an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is the perfect way to mill your own lumber from logs or other large pieces of wood. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to operate. With a few basic tips and tricks, you can begin cutting your lumber in no time!

The Alaskan Chainsaw Mill is typically slung over a log and used with one hand while the operator controls the chainsaw and sawmill with the other. To get started, place your chainsaw on top of the log with the bar facing away from you. Make sure that all moving components are secured before beginning to cut. Pull back on the throttle slightly and turn it counter-clockwise until you reach 2/3 of its maximum speed. This will keep your chainsaw from getting too hot during operation.

Next, move your Alaskan Chainsaw Mill back and forth across the log in a consistent fashion following steady lines until you have made a series of cuts through its length. Once your cuts are finished, use a chisel or splitting maul to carefully break apart any knots or difficult areas on the log which might be preventing easy passage of your milling blades.

When milling edges, it is important to keep even pressure as you move in order to maintain consistent widths as best as possible across all surfaces of your lumber. If needed, make several passes with varying depths based upon each individual project’s needs– take maximum advantage out of each cut when appropriate! With patience and practice, using an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill will become second nature– you’ll be making straight cuts like a pro before long!

Setting up the mill

Before you start using an Alaskan chainsaw mill, it’s important to understand the setup process. The following are some key steps to follow when setting up a mill:

  • Set the standard bar: The standard size of an Alaskan chainsaw mill is typically a 66-inch bar. You can get larger or smaller bars depending on your needs. You need to make sure that the standard bar fits your motor and chain size – this will help ensure optimal performance. It’s also important to check that the bearing and shear pin are secure and in the correct place.
  • Secure the base: Once you have fitted your bar, you need to secure it to a stable base before use – this could be a log, in combination with a steel plate underneath for improved stability. Depending on what material you’re cutting, lay materials down either side of where you plan to cut for extra safety.
  • Attach the guide rails: The guide rails will help ensure that your cuts are straight and well-aligned with each other. Depending on how long your wooden beams are going to be, you may need multiple guide rails across different areas of your cut path. Make sure they are fastened securely before starting work.
  • Adjust cutting depth: Most chainsaw mills have adjustable cutting depth whereby you can adjust them as needed while cutting through materials like boards or thicker logs – this helps you get perfect depth cuts every time! Always check if there is enough room for manoeuvring around obstacles such as rocks or stumps before making adjustments to ensure safety and accuracy during the milling process.

Mounting the chainsaw

Before attempting to setup and use a chainsaw, you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions manual, which will provide detailed steps for safely mounting your chainsaw. Depending on the type of sawmill you’re using, this could be as simple as inserting the bar and chain into the frame of your mill.

Once your saw is in place, you’ll want to make sure it is properly balanced. That means finding a balance point where your saw remains level when cutting different angles in wood and other hard materials. Keep in mind that this setting may need to be adjusted depending on the type of wood or material you’re cutting.

There are also a few additional features that can help you securely and safely mount your chainsaw depending on which type of mill you choose:

  • Clamps or straps: These items can help keep your chainsaw firmly affixed to your mill no matter how hard the pulling force or how fast you are sawing through material.
  • Locking collars: These devices typically come with aftermarket chainsaw bar rails and allow you to securely lock the bar in place when using a bandsaw style model.
  • Chain tensioner: This device will help ensure that at all times a proper vacuum exists within the drive chain so that it does not slip off during operation.

Maintenance and Care of Your Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Using an Alaskan chainsaw mill requires careful maintenance and regular attention to ensure the safety of the user and the effectiveness of the cutting tool. After each use, be sure to inspect all parts of the cutting system for wear and tear. In particular, look for signs of rust or wear on chains, as well as general blade sharpness and consistency. When lubricating your blades with oil or chain wax, make sure that you are applying enough so that a thin layer is left on each blade after wiping it clean. It’s also important to maintain proper tension in your chains. If they become too tight or too loose, they will not efficiently cut through wood and may even cause damage to other parts of your mill.

Generally speaking, an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill should be used in dry weather only since running a wet saw can seriously damage its components over time due to corrosion or electrocution hazards. Finally, never leave your Alaskan Chainsaw Mill unattended while it is running; always maintain control over it by keeping one hand on the handle at all times during operation.


To maintain the life and safety of your chainsaw mill, you will need to keep it clean and in good running order. This includes cleaning your sawmill before and after each use.

Before using the sawmill, inspect it for signs of wear or damage such as missing guide rollers, cracked blades or wobbling bar. Make sure to check the tension on all components including the blade, chain and guides.

After each use, you should clean the components with a soft cloth and an appropriate solvent like dish soap or alcohol. Oil or grease can be used for lubrication after cleaning as needed. Regularly inspect the bar for any accumulation of resin which may indicate overheating, tightening tension too tight or other problems with the machine such as poorly maintained blades caused by inadequately sharpened blades.

To avoid damaging your mill, keep it away from extreme temperatures and weather conditions such as direct sunlight, rain or snow and direct contact with dust or dirt particles that may accumulate during operation.


Lubrication is an important factor to consider when buying the best Alaskan chainsaw mill. Proper lubrication helps reduce the friction of operation and keeps the saw from running too hot. Most quality saws feature some type of self-lubricating system, such as a petro-hydraulic drive or an air-cooled direct-drive system.

The most effective lubricant for a chainsaw mill is bar and chain oil, which will help keep the cutting surfaces of the chain and guide bar cooler during operation. Specially formulated bar and chain oil should be used for exceptionally cold temperatures.

Additionally, good maintenance practices include cleaning the saw after each use to help keep it in optimal operating condition, as well as regularly inspecting parts for signs of wear and tear.


Taking the proper steps to ensure that your chainsaw is stored correctly is essential for maintaining and extending its lifespan. In particular, it’s important to ensure it is moisture-free and protected from mold or rust. Here are some tips for ensuring proper storage of your chainsaw mill:

  • Clean the saw before storing, removing any debris from inside the bar assembly and on the engine surface.
  • Remove all oil and fuel from the tank before storage. Store fuel in approved containers and in accordance with local regulations.
  • Cover the saw while in storage using a non-abrasive, oil-repellent cover to help protect against dirt, dust, insects and other debris. A cover will also reduce scratches/scrapes on exposed parts during transport/storage.
  • Store chainsaw mills in dry areas away from extremes of temperature including direct sunlight or radiators (may cause rubber to perish). Also keep away from moisture sources such as leaking roofs or pools of water which could cause rusting of metallic parts or growth of mould on rubber components . . .

The Best Chainsaw Mills of 2023 - Top Picks by Bob Vila

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In conclusion, finding the best Alaskan chainsaw mill for 2023 can be a complex process depending on your needs and budget. Fortunately, this guide covers all types of chainsaw mills, from entry-level to professional mills. With the information provided in this guide, you will be able to find the right Alaskan chainsaw mill that meets your requirements and budget.

We suggest that when purchasing an Alaskan chainsaw mill you take into consideration size and power as well as your long-term organic lumber milling needs. You want to ensure that the chainsaw mill is a good fit for what you intend to use it for now as much as it is practical for future needs. You should also factor in pricing when making decisions; although cost should not be one of the deciding factors.


Are Alaskan sawmills good?

Answer: Yes, Alaskan sawmills are good and popular among DIY enthusiasts and small-scale woodworkers as they offer a cost-effective way to turn logs into lumber.

How big of a chainsaw do I need for an Alaskan mill?

Answer: It is recommended to use a chainsaw with a minimum engine size of 50cc for the Alaskan mill.

What kind of chainsaw do I need for an Alaskan mill?

Answer: Any chainsaw with a minimum engine size of 50cc and a long enough bar to accommodate the width of the mill can be used for Alaskan milling.

What is the highest rated chainsaw?

Answer: The highest rated chainsaws vary based on specific needs and preferences. However, some of the top-rated chainsaw brands include Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo.

What chainsaw do most loggers use?

Answer: Most professional loggers use chainsaws from Stihl and Husqvarna as they are well-known for their durability, reliability, and performance.

What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Answer: Professionals typically use chainsaw chains with a square chisel cutter, as they offer the best cutting speed and efficiency.

What chainsaw chain is best for milling?

Answer: The best chainsaw chain for milling is one that is designed specifically for milling applications, such as the Granberg ripping chain.

What is the best chainsaw bar length?

Answer: The best chainsaw bar length depends on the intended use of the chainsaw. For most homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, a bar length of 16-20 inches is suitable. For professional use, longer bars may be necessary.

Are chainsaw mills worth it?

Answer: Chainsaw mills can be worth it for those who have access to logs and want to turn them into lumber for personal use or small-scale woodworking projects. They offer a cost-effective way to create lumber without having to invest in expensive machinery.

Who makes the Alaskan sawmill?

Answer: The Alaskan sawmill is made by Granberg International, a family-owned company that has been in business for over 60 years.

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