Best chainsaw chain for professional use 2023

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or just starting out with DIY projects, the right chainsaw chain can make the job much easier. You need the best tool to do the job – and that starts with finding the most durable and powerful chainsaw chain available.

With this guide, you’ll find the perfect chain for professional use in 2023, so you can get back to creating your masterpiece.

Best chainsaw chain for professional use 2023

  1. AR-PRO Chainsaw Chain(Editor’s Pick)
  2. harmkrola Chainsaw Chain(Best Overall)
  3. Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains(Budget Friendly)
  4. KAKEI Chainsaw Chain
  5. Husqvarna chainsaw chain
  6. Molten Chainsaw Chain
  7. STIHL Chainsaw Chain

1) AR-PRO Chainsaw Chain


Best chainsaw chain for professional useCheck Latest Price

The AR-PRO chainsaw chain is designed for 14-inch chainsaws and weighs 1.65 pounds at 9.49 x 4.8 x 1.65 inches. Its optimal proportions fit seamlessly, increasing performance and adding value to your toolkit.

Increase Productivity with Precision Cutting

Precision cutting like never before with the AR-PRO chainsaw chain. Its high-quality build guarantees smooth, precise cuts, making tasks easy. This chain will improve your cutting experience whether you’re a landscaper or a DIYer.

Be Flexible in Applications

The AR-PRO chainsaw chain excels in many cutting situations. From pruning and trimming to more substantial chores, this chain performs well. It’s versatile and dependable for all your cutting needs.

Unmatched Professional Performance

For experts who need high-quality gear, the AR-PRO chainsaw chain is superior. Any experienced chainsaw operator needs it for its unmatched performance and durability. AR-PRO delivers quality, not mediocrity.

Quality and longevity investment

Choose the AR-PRO chainsaw chain for quality and durability. Its durability and strength guarantee it will withstand numerous difficult jobs. Choose a durable chain to save time and money.


Finally, the AR-PRO chainsaw chain is the best for high-performance cutting. Its precise cutting and durability make it a top choice for pros and DIYers. Experience AR-PRO’s power and ditch inferior chains. Increase production, efficiency, and cutting outcomes with this outstanding chainsaw chain. Choose smart and improve your cutting game with AR-PRO.

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  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Cuts smoothly and quickly.
  • Low vibration and noise level.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • Compatible with a wide range of chainsaws.

Core Feature

Manufacturer ‎AR-PRO
Item Weight ‎1.65 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎9.49 x 4.8 x 1.65 inches
Material ‎Stainless Steel
Size ‎14-inch Chainsaw Chain



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2) harmkrola Chainsaw Chain

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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Choosing the harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain shows your quality expectations. harmkrola makes durable, high-performance chainsaw chains. The Mini Chainsaw Chain component number guarantees this chain’s authenticity and harmkrola’s dedication to quality.

Easily Handled and Compact

The harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain is lightweight and portable at 10.5 ounces and 9.17 x 7.17 x 1.46 inches. Your chainsaw is tiny enough to wield comfortably, making pruning and trimming easy.

Overcome Cutting Challenges

The harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain solves cutting problems for arborists and DIYers alike. Its tiny chainsaw compatibility makes it ideal for precise tree and shrub work. Say goodbye to ill-fitting chains and hello to the Mini Chainsaw Chain and your chainsaw operating together.

Fullfill Your Chainsaw Potential

Chainsaws are only as good as their chains. With the harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain, you maximize your chainsaw’s capabilities. Precision engineering enables clean cuts, minimal backlash, and improved performance. Upgrade your cutting game with this high-quality replacement chain.

Why accept less? Harkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain Upgrade Your Chainsaw Today!

In conclusion, the harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain is the best little chainsaw chain replacement. This chain fits snuggly and works effortlessly with your chainsaw, improving pruning and trimming. As harmkrola’s chainsaw chains are known for their quality and longevity, you can trust them. Unleash your chainsaw’s full capacity with the harmkrola Mini Chainsaw Chain and elevate your cutting!

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  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Resists wear and tear.
  • Provides precise and efficient cuts.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Easy to replace and adjust.

Core Feature

Manufacturer ‎harmkrola
Part Number ‎Mini Chainsaw Chain
Item Weight ‎10.5 ounces
Package Dimensions ‎9.17 x 7.17 x 1.46 inches
Item model number ‎Mini Chainsaw Chain
Size ‎Small


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3) Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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Power and accuracy must be balanced in chainsaws. Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains eliminate the need to choose. These chains are well balanced, making cutting easy and precise.

Long-lasting and durable

Durability and lifespan are invested in these chains. Oregon Tool makes every chain to endure the roughest circumstances, ensuring a durable product.

Safety First

Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains put safety first. The design prioritises safe handling to reduce accidents and boost confidence.

Quick Maintenance

Chainsaw chains must be maintained for best performance. Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains need less maintenance, saving you time and effort while maintaining your equipment.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Oregon Tool values client happiness. These chains are handcrafted and quality-controlled to ensure your enjoyment with every usage.


Finally, the Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains are the best option for dependability, efficiency, and performance. Their exquisite engineering, durability, and user-friendliness set them apart. As a professional or a homeowner, these chains will improve your chainsaw experience and help you get great results. Get the Oregon AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains now to improve your cutting game.

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  • Sharp and efficient cutting performance.
  • Low kickback for increased safety.
  • LubriTec oiling system for longer lifespan.
  • Works well in both softwood and hardwood.
  • Easy to maintain and sharpen.

Core Feature

Brand Oregon
Chain Type Semi Chisel
Compatibility Options Oregon
Item Weight ‎1.41 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎6 x 4.25 x 1.75 inches



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4) KAKEI Chainsaw Chain

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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The KAKEI Chainsaw Chain’s 62 driving links improve power transfer, which is vital to chainsaw efficiency. This feature transfers power to the chain, improving cutting speed and performance.

German Steel – Strong and Corrosion-Resistant

German steel gives this chainsaw chain unmatched durability and corrosion resistance. It can handle the toughest situations, making it a solid cutting companion.

Excellent Strength and Durability with.050″ Gauge

The KAKEI Chainsaw Chain’s.050″ gauge delivers unmatched strength and longevity. This chain can endure heavy-duty cutting without compromising.

Interoperable with Multiple Chainsaw Brands

Compatibleity with other chainsaw brands is a major benefit of the KAKEI Chainsaw Chain. This chain fits any saw model and performs well.


In conclusion, the KAKEI Chainsaw Chain revolutionises chainsaw usage. It stands out with its innovative design, high-quality materials, and varied adaptability. This robust and efficient KAKEI chainsaw chain will boost your chainsaw’s performance. Precision cuts with minimum effort and trust in every cutting activity. Upgrade your chainsaw with the KAKEI Chainsaw Chain for superior results every time.

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  • Heavy-duty and rugged design.
  • Cuts through tough materials with ease.
  • Resistant to wear and corrosion.
  • Provides smooth and fast cuts.
  • Fits various chainsaw models.

Core Feature

Item Pitch 0.38 Inches
Chain Type Semi-Chisel
Gauge 0.05
Size ‎18 inches
Finish ‎Chrome


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5) Husqvarna chainsaw chain

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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The Husqvarna chainsaw chain fits several chainsaws, making it adaptable and widely applicable. Enjoy the advantages of this outstanding chain by checking your chainsaw’s requirements.

Safety Features

The Husqvarna chainsaw chain prioritises safety. With carefully engineered features that decrease backlash and improve control, you may operate confidently without risk.

Quick Maintenance

With Husqvarna, maintaining your chainsaw chain is easy. Regular maintenance is easy, keeping your chain running smoothly for years.


In conclusion, the Husqvarna chainsaw chain is a great option for productivity, efficiency, and dependability. Its lightweight design, high productivity, and chainsaw compatibility make it popular among pros and hobbyists. With this chainsaw chain, you can cut precisely and easily on demanding chores. Husqvarna’s brilliance will boost your cutting efforts.

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  • High-quality and reliable brand.
  • Provides excellent cutting performance.
  • Suitable for both professional and home use.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Available in different sizes and types.

Core Feature

Brand Husqvarna
Chain Type Low Profile
Compatibility Options Husqvarna
Product Dimensions 18 x 0.25 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight 9.6 ounces


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6) Molten Chainsaw Chain

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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Its high-quality structure and design make the Molten Chainsaw Chain dependable and consistent. Crafted with accuracy and attention to detail, this chain fits Milwaukee chainsaws and fits your instruments perfectly.

Compact and User-Friendly

The Molten Chainsaw Chain is small and lightweight at 8.11 x 4.92 x 2.09 inches and 1.23 pounds. Its lightweight construction makes long cutting sessions easier and reduces strain. This chain’s user-friendliness will amaze professionals and weekend DIYers alike.

Versatility for Outdoor Cutting

The Molten Chainsaw Chain’s semi-chisel shape makes it versatile. This chain delivers excellent performance, so you may confidently cut outside. This chain can easily prune garden trees and down minor trees in the forest.

Unbeatable Homeowner and Professional Performance

Homeowners and professionals want high-performance chainsaw chains. The Molten Chainsaw Chain exceeds both user groups’ expectations. Precision-engineered structure ensures it can withstand professional loggers’ demands while being easy for homeowners to operate.

The Perfect Gas-Powered Chainsaw Match

The Molten Chainsaw Chain is ideal for gas-powered chainsaws that need a heavy-duty chain. It integrates perfectly into your tool collection and improves cutting efficiency since it works with Milwaukee chainsaws.


Finally, the Molten Chainsaw Chain is a high-quality gas-powered chainsaw chain. Its durability, ease of use, and adaptability make it a popular option for cutting chores. This chain changes the game for professionals with hard jobs and homeowners with property maintenance. The Molten Chainsaw Chain will improve your cutting experience.

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  • Made of high-strength steel for durability.
  • Provides smooth and precise cuts.
  • Resists stretching and wear.
  • Compatible with various chainsaws.
  • Easy to maintain and sharpen.

Core Feature

Brand Molten.
Chain Type Semi-Chisel
Gauge 0.043
Chain Length 16 Inches
Part Number ‎MC164356
Item Weight ‎1.23 pounds



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7) STIHL Chainsaw Chain

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

Check Latest Price

Safety and comfort are hallmarks of the STIHL chainsaw chain. The chain cuts smoothly and quietly due to its high-quality manufacture. Reduced kickback reduces operation accidents.

Easy Handling for Effective Cutting

Compact and lightweight, the STIHL chainsaw chain is easy to handle. It’s easy to use, making cutting duties easy. This chain’s user-friendly design makes cutting easy for professionals and DIYers alike.

Release STIHL Power

Top-tier chains from STIHL, a known brand, give consistently and excellent results. This chainsaw chain exceeds in cutting efficiency and durability. For falling trees in the forest or cutting branches in your lawn, the STIHL chainsaw chain will surpass your expectations.

Uncompromising Quality for Age

Length is important when buying a chainsaw chain. The STIHL chainsaw chain is built to resist extensive usage with uncompromising quality. Its components can withstand the roughest cutting activities, so you may use it for many times without replacing it.

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  • Precision-ground and durable.
  • Provides efficient and smooth cuts.
  • Low vibration and kickback.
  • Suitable for different cutting tasks.
  • Available in various sizes and types.

Core Feature

Package Dimensions 5.63 x 3.46 x 1.34 inches
Item Weight 11.2 ounces
Manufacturer STIHL
Best Sellers Rank 6,365
Item model number 26 rs 81


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Best chainsaw chain for professional use 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When choosing a chainsaw chain for professional use, it is important to understand that there are several different types of chains available. The choice of chain will depend on the type of saw, as well as the amount of cutting that needs to be done. Professional chainsaws are typically used by arborists, tree surgeons, and foresters, who need more power and reliability than a standard domestic model.

It is critical that users pick the right chain for their particular needs; investing in high-quality products will ensure safety and satisfaction, as well as lengthier life expectancy for your machine. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the various chain types available for professional use in 2023.

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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Importance of a chainsaw chain for professional use

Chainsaw chains are a key component of any chainsaw and are essential for its optimal performance. A quality chain can help you make faster, cleaner cuts, reduce strain on your saw, and provide a higher level of safety for the user. Choosing the best chain for professional use is crucial for experienced loggers and professionals in the forestry industry.

When selecting a chainsaw chain, it’s important to consider various factors such as cutting speed, durability, safety features and compatibility with your chainsaw model. It’s also important to be aware of side-mounted kickback brakes, which can drastically improve safety in dense woods or log yards.

The type of wood to be cut should also be taken into account when determining the best chain for your needs. For example, if you’re cutting hardwoods like oak or walnut, it’s best to choose a low-vibration design with high wear resistance. On the other hand, softwoods such as pines require a chain that’s designed specifically for light-duty cutting tasks in order to prevent overstressing your saw and avoiding excessive vibration while working.

Purpose of the buying guide

This chainsaw chain buying guide was created to provide professional loggers and woodworkers with the most up-to-date information on what the best chainsaw chains currently available are. It is important to select a chain that fits the specific needs of your saw, as well as your project or application.

In this guide, you will find essential factors to consider while selecting a chainsaw chain such as cut type, length & pitch, drive link count, gullet profile and gauge. Each of these components plays a key role in any successful cutting job and must be taken into account when purchasing a replacement chainsaw chain.

Furthermore, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of major brands and troubleshooting tips that are applicable to all types of users. In order to ensure maximum performance from your saw and reduce potential warping or breakage, be sure to read through the information contained in this buying guide prior to making a purchase decision.

Understanding Chainsaw Chain Basics

Before you rush out to buy a new chainsaw chain for your professional use, it is important to understand the basics of chainsaw chain. The following guide provides an overview of the different types and features of chainsaw chain, as well as the best way to maintain and repair them.

Chainsaw Chain Types: Chainsaws can be equipped with several different types of chains, each designed for a specific purpose or task. These include semi-chisel, skip-tooth belt drive and low kickback chisel. In order to choose the right type of chain for your needs, it is important to understand how they differ from one another. Semi-chisel chains are a good choice for general cutting applications and provide fast cutting speeds with less wear on the bar and sprocket. Skip-tooth belt drives are ideal for softer woods and offer higher cutting speeds than semi-chisels. Low kickback chisels are designed with safety in mind, reducing risk of kickback that could potentially cause serious injury or damage the saw user or his equipment.

Chainsaw Chain Features: Chainsaws can also be equipped with various features including rollers and crosscut teeth to help reduce friction when cutting through wood and increase efficiency by optimizing debris removal during operation; full-complement drive links for smoother working performance; as well as anti-kickback features that reduce the risk of premature or inadvertent engagement during operation resulting in improved productivity, safety & dependability when using your saw.

Maintaining & Repairing Chainsaw Chain: In order to keep your saw in optimal condition it is necessary to perform routine maintenance on both its motor & blade components. This includes lubricating moving parts frequently & adjusting drive link tension heptathreads regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions so as never exceed recommended specifications in order keep efficient performance levels up while protecting against unwarranted wear & tear on internal engine components; replacing damaged/worn out drive links with appropriate replacements; removing dirt particles which accumulate during operation regularly so as not impede system efficiency operations; periodically examining guide bars abrasive material usage evident for signs of excessive wear & replacing any worn parts accordingly in order minimize safety risks or needlessly increased service related costs later on down road (& last but not least having any required repairs made promptly).

Parts of a chainsaw chain

Understanding the components of a chainsaw chain is critical for selecting the proper model for your projects and knowing how to maintain it. Different types of chainsaw chains are ideal for different types of wood and surfaces, and being familiar with the parts of each type will help you make informed purchase decisions when shopping for a new chain.

  1. Drive links: Individual pieces that hold the chain together, also known as rivets or connectors. The drive link is where power from the motor transfers to cut through wood.
  2. Cutter Teeth: Teeth designed to chip away at wood grain and saw through heavy stocks like logs and stumps. Cutter teeth typically come in three sizes- 3/8 inch, 050 inch, or 063 inch- allowing increased penetration while reducing recoil on more aggressive operations.
  3. Depth Gauge: Measured in thousandths of an inch (inches), this component adjusts the height at which cutter teeth protrude from the chain’s bar to create a uniform cutting surface throughout its length and prevent emerging debris from gumming up its track (or jamming in its drive sprocket). Proper depth gauge maintenance is key for achieving optimal cutting performance over time, making sure it remains within half the thickness of their accompanying cutters when worn down past .030 inches (.7mm).
  4. Rakers: Sometimes referred to as stabilizers or depth gauge rakers, these components control the amount of sawdust that accumulates on any given cutter tooth during a stroke – reducing unnecessary strain on both your saw’s motor & joints over time – thinning out large chips & collecting minute dust particles in its wake so that nothing clogs or jams them into your trackway / drive sprocket assembly later down the line). Many professional users prefer models with replaceable rakers built right into their design whenever possible!

Types of chainsaw chains

There are two primary types of chainsaw chains – full-chisel and semi-chisel. While both types offer a certain level of performance, they also have key differences in their design that can make them each better suited for different types of cutting jobs.

Full-chisel chains feature square cutters along their length that are designed to cut wood quickly and efficiently. Their blades feature an aggressive cutting pattern that cuts through material quickly, but it can be more challenging to sharpen as the entire cutter must be sharpened at once. Full-chisel chains offer good durability and are great for professionals or DIYers who tackle a wide variety of cutting tasks.

Semi-chisel chains feature rounded cutters for quicker reaction time when cutting, as well as greater resistance to wear after heavy use. This type of chain has been around since the 1970s and has become popular among professionals due to its combination of speed, ease of sharpening, and overall durability in challenging conditions. Semi-chisel chains have become the go-to choice for cleaning up downed trees during storm recovery efforts or clearing brush during landscape maintenance.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Chainsaw Chain

When selecting a chainsaw chain, there are five main factors you should consider: cutting speed, durability, cutting performance, sharpening techniques, and user-friendly features.

Cutting speed should be your top priority. A good chainsaw chain will cut through wood quickly and efficiently without having to burn through excess power in the process. It’s important to find a balance between higher speeds and sacrificing texture or precision.

Durability is especially important when you’ll be using your saw often and in demanding applications. Some chains are more resistant to wear than others, so it’s essential to look for top-quality material used in manufacturing them. You may also want to consider corrosion-resistant materials if you’re working outside most of the time or in areas where rust could easily develop on your chainsaw chain.

Cutting performance is key for professional use; a superior saw chain should make smooth cuts without leaving ragged edges behind. For premium results, it’s beneficial to invest in the latest types of chains with their improved designs that have optimized shapes leading along with increased reliability from high grades of steel alloys.

Sharpening techniques may seem like an intimidating task but there’s no need to worry as long as you choose quality chains that include user-friendly features such as quick-change link keys on top of their practical sharpening extra tools – an edge over manual tools when it comes down to maintenance and usability! Finally but not least important, understand what type of tension system is featured on each chain for optimal operation at all times (either manual/atomatic).

Bar length

When selecting a chainsaw chain for professional usage, the first thing to consider is the length of your chain saw’s bar. This measurement will determine what chainsaw size and power you need. Your chainsaw’s bar length can be calibrated in three different measurements — inches, millimeters, or centimeters. To get the most accurate measurement use a ruler next to the bar to measure it directly. Professional-grade saws usually have bar lengths ranging from 12″ to 30″, depending on its intended use. Popular brands often offer multiple sizes within their product line so that you can select a model that offers the features and specs that best meet your needs.

Once you have an idea of the size of your chainsaw’s bar, then you can look at what type of chain configuration and power level is recommended. There are four widely used types – full-skip, skip-tooth, semi-chisel and full-chisel – each offering different levels of cutting performance depending on your selection criteria. Semi-chisel is usually the preferred option for professional users because it offers an even balance between aggressive sharpness and durability meaning it will last longer than other options without sacrificing cutting performance.


When selecting a gauge for your chainsaw chain, it’s important to look for something that is neither too thick nor too thin. Gauges thicker than .063” can cause excessive wear on the saw and are not suitable for professional use. On the other hand, gauges thinner than .050” can break easily. The gauge of your chain should match the groove size in your bar closely in order to provide optimal performance and versatility.

This guide recommends that you use a chain with a gauge between .050” and .063” and pitch size between 3/8″ low profile (LP) and 3/4″ pitch chains as these typically offer the best combination of cutting power and safety. For professional use, you might want to opt for larger pitch sizes or thicker gauges depending on what type of work you plan on doing with your chainsaw. However, keep in mind that larger pitches and thicker gauges will require extra engine power from your saw which may shorten its lifespan or require more fuel consumption if you are working in green wood or hardwoods like oak, walnut or maple.


Pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets on a chain. This number is the result of dividing 1 by the number of drive links in your chain. Pitch is usually written as 1/4-inch, .325-inch and .404-inch – these are the three most common pitches and refer to the size of both the saw chain and the guide bar.

For professional users – such as tree surgeons or farmers -, saws with 3/8” pitch links have been popular for many years because they offer better performance in terms of cutting power and fast blade speed. However, since low-kickback chains are now available in all pitch sizes, work involving high risk materials or situations can be done using any type of chain regardless of its pitch.

Chainsaw Chain Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance and proper care of your chainsaw chain can help to extend its life, decrease the number of repairs needed, and improve its overall performance. Good preventive maintenance will save you both time and money in the long run, so take the time to regularly inspect and clean your chainsaw chain.

One important thing to remember is that it’s essential to replace worn or broken parts on your chainsaw. When replacing a worn part, always use genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer for best results.

Chainsaw Chain Maintenance Tips:

  • Regularly inspect the condition of the chain’s drive link sprocket nosepieces for any wear or damage. Replace as needed.
  • Remove any rust buildup that can occur due to moisture or damp conditions with a rust remover or wire brush prior to use.
  • Keep all bearings and other moving parts oiled regularly with engine oil. This will help protect them from wear and prolong their life span.
  • Look for any damaged drive link sprockets on the saw’s bar which may cause an uneven cutting surface when using the tool.
  • Replace any broken, cracked, or missing saw teeth immediately before operating the tool again to prevent injury while operating it in the future.
  • If your chainsaw has a carburetor, make sure you check it regularly for debris buildup which can clog jets and prevent fuel from reaching its intended areas within the engine base chamber causing poor cutting performance or even stalling when trying to start up again after stopping mid cut operation processes are complete as required per user safety protocol recommended by responsible industry standards securely in place for usage procedures described in manufacturer listening safety manuals always follow through with required task requirements when handling power tools alone such as this one system today today.

Cleaning and lubrication

Cleaning and lubrication are key when maintaining the chainsaw chain for professional use. As the chain is in direct contact with the wood during cutting, it will soon become clogged with sawdust, sap and dirt. The accumulation of these elements can affect blade efficiency and accelerate wear, ultimately leading to a shortened lifespan of the chain. Furthermore, dirt on the underside of the saw cuts will prevent an even cut and create more kickback.

So it’s important to check your chainsaw chain regularly and clean it with a brush or wire wool as needed. As part of your regular maintenance routine you should also oil the drive links in order to lubricate them and reduce friction which improves performance. Note that a dull saw blade is more dangerous than a sharp one because you need to apply force in order to push through thick wood which increases kickback risk.

Check your manufacturer’s instructions in order to ensure proper cleaning and lubrication are carried out correctly prior to operation.


It’s important to keep a sharp chain on your saw at all times. You can sharpen it yourself, or you can take it to a professional. If you’re not sure how to sharpen the chain, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or take definitive safety advice from a local dealer or forestry commission.

There are different types of chainsaw sharpening tools that are available on the market and in various price ranges. Generally speaking, higher quality tools will produce better results and last longer, but some basic skills are needed for both sharpening methods – hand-sharpening with files or with an electric sharpener – in order to get an even cut with no bumps along the teeth’s length.

If you use an electric sharpener, you need to make sure that the angle of attack is correct for each tooth as well as ensure that both sides of each tooth maintain the same level of sharpness; when filing by hand, you must position the file correctly across each tooth’s surface. Additionally, it is important to pay attention when filing and check often that all teeth have been filed evenly across their entire length – filing too long in one spot or too round can be a safety hazard due to reduced cutting capability. Finally, you must clear all filings off your chain before putting it back onto your saw and make sure that the links move freely after reassembling them together.

Chain tension

Having the correct tension on a chainsaw chain is essential for safe, accurate and efficient cutting, as an improperly tensioned chain can result in serious injury or damage. For professional users, it’s important to match the ideal tension to the type of cutting they are doing, whether it is pruning branches, carving wood or producing lumber.

Adjusting the tension of a chainsaw chain involves loosening the bar nuts and spinning the adjusting nut until there is no excess slack in the chain. It should be tight enough so that there isn’t any lateral movement when you press down on each side — this helps maintain its shape whilst cutting without any risk of bouncing off course. Once tightened correctly, you should still have some play in the links for safety reasons; when engaged with a rotation of the bar sprocket, this allows for additional cutting power compression and shock absorption to reduce fatigue on your body.

Whilst most professional-grade chainsaws feature self-tensioning features, these aren’t always accurate or reliable — sometimes it’s necessary to manually adjust your chain’s tension depending on its usage and condition. If you find yourself needing to adjust regularly due to wear or stretch of your chain then it could be time for a replacement – look out for chisel-style cutsters specifically designed for efficient cutting performance and longer shelf life!

Best chainsaw chain for professional use

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In conclusion, we have showcased a comprehensive buying guide to help you select the best chainsaw chain for your professional needs. We have covered the important factors that you should consider when purchasing a chainsaw chain such as drive links, gauge, pitch, and cutting length. We also discussed why you should select the right type of chainsaw chain for different cutting applications. Additionally, we have talked about several popular brands available in the market which offer quality products suited for specific cutting tasks.

Finally, we hope this guide has given you all the information you need to make an informed decision while selecting a chainsaw chain based on your cutting needs and preferences. Whether it be clearing trees in forests or pruning branches in fruit orchards, there are plenty of options available based on your preference and budget.


What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Professionals use a variety of chainsaw chains, but some popular brands include Oregon, Stihl, and Husqvarna.

Is there a chainsaw chain that stays sharp?

Yes, there are chainsaw chains that have special coatings or alloys that make them stay sharp longer, such as Oregon’s PowerSharp chain.

What type of chainsaw chain is the fastest?

The type of chainsaw chain that is the fastest depends on the type of cutting being done, but some popular fast-cutting chains include skip-tooth and full-skip chains.

How do I choose the best chainsaw chain?

To choose the best chainsaw chain, consider the type of wood being cut, the size of the chainsaw, and the desired outcome.

What is the longest lasting chainsaw chain?

The longest lasting chainsaw chains are typically made from high-quality steel and have features such as hard chrome plating and tungsten carbide teeth.

What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

The most aggressive chainsaw chain is typically a full-skip chain with large teeth that can quickly remove wood.

How do professionals sharpen chainsaw chains?

Professionals use specialized tools such as chainsaw files and sharpeners to precisely sharpen chainsaw chains to their desired sharpness.

How do you get a chainsaw chain super sharp?

To get a chainsaw chain super sharp, use a specialized chainsaw file or sharpener to hone each tooth at the correct angle and depth.

Why does my chainsaw get dull so fast?

Chainsaws can get dull quickly due to factors such as hitting rocks or dirt, cutting hard wood, and improper maintenance.

What makes a professional chainsaw?

Professional chainsaws are typically designed with high-quality materials, advanced features such as anti-vibration systems and automatic oilers, and powerful engines to handle heavy-duty cutting tasks.

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