Best 20 inch chainsaw 2023

Are you looking to purchase a powerful chainsaw that can handle tough jobs? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide will help you find the best 20-inch chainsaw of 2023.

From expert tips and reviews, to a detailed comparison chart – you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision. You won’t be disappointed!

Best 20 inch chainsaw 2023

  1. Supmix  62CC Power Chain Saw 20 Inch (Editor’s Pick)
  2. DEWALT 60V MAX  20 inch (Best Overall)
  3. Poulan Pro 20 inch Chainsaw(Budget Friendly)
  4. NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw
  5. Futchoy 62CC/68CC Gas Powered Chainsaw
  6. COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 
  7. Casulo 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

1) Supmix62CC Power Chain Saw 20 Inch 

Best 20 inch chainsaw

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The greatest high-performance chainsaw is the Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw 20 Inch. This gas-powered marvel’s 62CC engine and 20-inch chain length cut like no other.

Power up its 2.3KW and 3.5hp

Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw is great for tree falling, branch pruning, and firewood cutting. Power and efficiency for the toughest work with 2.3KW and 3.5hp.

Combine Efficiency and Convenience

Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw is powerful and handy. This 14-pound orange chainsaw is easy to handle and chops neatly.

Power Source Choice

The Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw is corded or manual. Corded electric power provides a consistent supply. Professionals and homeowners with heavy cutting needs will love it.


Finally, the gas-powered Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw 20 Inch can tackle any heavy-duty cutting job. Its power, simplicity, and versatility make it ideal for professionals and homeowners cutting efficiently. Try the Supmix 62CC Power Chain Saw for superior performance.

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  • Powerful engine for efficient cutting
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • 20-inch bar length for versatility
  • Low vibration technology for reduced fatigue
  • Automatic oiling system for hassle-free maintenance

Core Feature

Brand Supmix
Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 3.5 hp
Item Weight 14 Pounds
Product Dimensions 12″L x 10″W x 20″H
Chain Length 20 Inches



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2) DEWALT 60V MAX 20 inch 

Best 20 inch chainsaw

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DEWALT 60V MAX 20-inch chainsaws are great battery-powered chainsaws. The 3.49hp motor and 20-inch chain length of this chainsaw can handle demanding tasks.

Ideal for professionals and homeowners

This chainsaw is ideal for loggers and homeowners that need tough outdoor cutting equipment. The power and performance make it suited for heavy-duty professional and domestic tasks.

Style and Lightweight

The DEWALT 60V MAX chainsaw weights 30.4 pounds despite its power. Easy to use and decreases tiredness. A sleek black and yellow chainsaw adds style to your tools.

Auto-oiling for maximum performance

This chainsaw’s automatic chain oiling makes it stand out. Lubrication boosts performance and chain life, saving money on maintenance.

Better Performance and Life

The auto-oiling chainsaw prolongs its life. Properly maintained, this tool will last for years, making it a wonderful outdoor cutting investment.

Environmentally Friendly, Quiet

Quiet and emission-free DEWALT 60V MAX chainsaws are eco-friendly. Use it in noise-sensitive or emission-regulated areas without compromising performance.

Safety First

ALL DEWALT products prioritize safety, including this chainsaw. Its chain brake and low kickback bar reduce accident risk.

Maintaining Quickly

This chainsaw is simple to maintain. Simple maintenance may require more cutting than maintenance. User-friendly design makes chainsaw maintenance easy for beginners.


Finally, the DEWALT 60V MAX 20-inch chainsaw is strong, sturdy, and easy to use for professionals and homeowners. Its strong motor, automated oiling system, and lightweight design make it a top battery-powered chainsaw. Buy this fantastic tool for all your cutting needs for maximum performance and longevity.

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  • High-capacity battery for longer runtime
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for easy adjustments
  • Low kickback bar and chain for improved safety
  • Brushless motor for longer lifespan
  • Variable speed trigger for better control

Core Feature

Power Source Battery Powered
Horsepower 3.49 hp
Product Dimensions 42″L x 13.83″W x 11.86″H
Chain Length 20 Inches



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3) Poulan Pro 20 inch Chainsaw

Best 20 inch chainsaw

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The Poulan Pro 20 inch Chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw that comes with a 20-inch chain length and a 2.8hp motor. 

It is suitable for light to medium-duty tasks such as trimming and pruning trees. The chainsaw weighs 17 pounds and is available in a compact design, making it easy to handle. 

It also has an automatic oiling system that ensures the chain stays lubricated during use.This makes it a great option for those who need a reliable and fuel-efficient tool for heavy-duty cutting tasks. 

Additionally, the 20 inch bar and chain allow for larger cutting capacity, making it suitable for larger trees and tougher jobs.

 Overall, the Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw is a solid choice for those looking for a powerful and efficient saw.

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  • Affordable price for budget-conscious consumers
  • Easy to start engine for quick and effortless operation
  • Air filtration system for improved engine life
  • Automatic oiling system for less maintenance
  • Lightweight design for less fatigue during use

Core Feature

Brand Poulan Pro
Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 2.8
Item Weight 17 Pounds
Product Dimensions 16″L x 12″W x 11.8″H
Chain Length 20 Inches



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4) NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw

Best 20 inch chainsaw

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The heavy-duty NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw cuts materials. The 62CC engine and 20-inch chain make this gas chainsaw powerful. Discover pros and DIYers’ main features and perks.

Strong 62CC Engine for Performance

The NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw’s 62CC engine cuts heavy workloads. This chainsaw’s 3.4hp cuts thick branches and large trees quickly. Performance-optimized 62CC engine leads class.

20-inch chain handles tough tasks

Long cutting reach lets this 20-inch NEOTEC chainsaw perform the toughest cutting operations. Longer chain length makes falling and bucking large trees and logs simpler. This chainsaw quickly cuts hard-to-reach branches.

Lightweight Transport

The strong 14.45-pound NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw is portable. A lightweight construction and simple handling avoid long-term fatigue. This makes it ideal for professional loggers and homeowners who desire durable gear.

Automatic oiling for smooth operation

The automatic NEOTEC chainsaw oiler lubricates the chain. This technology prolongs chain life and cuts smoothly. Automatic chain lubrication lets you work.

Flexible Bar: 0.322″/8.2mm

The chainsaw’s 0.322-inch (8.2mm) bar makes it versatile and cutting. This chainsaw’s bar size makes it ideal for trimming, firewood, and storm cleaning. The NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw offers versatility.

One-Year Peace of Mind Warranty

NEOTEC warrants the 20 Inch Chainsaw for one year to show their trust in its quality and durability. This warranty covers first-year manufacturing problems, comforting customers. This smart chainsaw safeguards your investment, making it reliable.


Finally, the NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw is a strong, durable cutter. It leads the industry with its 62CC engine, 20-inch chain length, automated oiling, and lightweight design. Professionals and homeowners looking for a reliable chainsaw will enjoy this. The NEOTEC 20 Inch Chainsaw cuts well.

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  • High-speed engine for fast cutting
  • Automatic oiling system for effortless maintenance
  • Air filtration system for improved engine performance
  • Anti-vibration handle for more comfortable use
  • Large fuel tank for longer runtime

Core Feature

Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 3.4 hp
Item Weight 14.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions 35.4″L x 9.4″W x 11.4″H
20 Inches



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5) Futchoy 62CC/68CC Gas Powered Chainsaw


Best 20 inch chainsawCheck Latest Price

Futchoy 62CC/68CC Gas-Powered Chainsaw cuts large tasks efficiently. The 20-inch chain length and 2.6-kilowatt horsepower of this gas-powered beast make it excellent for heavy-duty tasks.

Unmatched Power and Efficiency

The 2.6-kW Futchoy 62CC/68CC Chainsaw engine is strong. The chainsaw is ideal for tree cutting and winter firewood. The gas-powered design cuts strong materials easily.

Simple Navigation

The Futchoy Chainsaw weighs 14.3 pounds, making it easy to use and decrease fatigue. It can travel dense forests or your property effortlessly for pros and DIYers.

Multifuel Choices

Its versatility makes the Futchoy 62CC/68CC Chainsaw beautiful. Corded electric power ensures long-term performance. Use manual methods in remote areas without power. Gasoline power enables you use it anywhere outdoors, which is its major feature.

Durable Outdoor build

With its outdoor durability, the Futchoy Chainsaw cuts well. Its durability makes it a useful tool.

Improved Safety

Futchoy prioritizes chainsaw safety. Multiple safety mechanisms protect this chainsaw user. From the chain brake that stops kickback to the ergonomic handle that provides a firm grip, every aspect is designed for safety.

Precision Cutting with 20-Inch Bar

The Futchoy 62CC/68CC Chainsaw’s 20-inch bar cuts precisely and quickly. The bar length of this chainsaw enables tree trimming and felling efficient and accurate.

Environmentally Friendly, Quiet

Soft-running Futchoy Chainsaws reduce noise pollution. Gas-powered architecture meets environmental requirements, making it an eco-friendly option for careful customers.


Finally, the Futchoy 62CC/68CC Gas-Powered Chainsaw cuts well. Its power, mobility, and fuel options make it excellent for professionals and homeowners. This strong chainsaw cuts jobs fast and precisely. Prepare for Futchoy’s power today!

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  • High-powered engine for efficient cutting
  • Easy to start system for quick operation
  • Automatic oiling system for less maintenance
  • Low vibration design for less user fatigue
  • 20-inch bar length for versatility

Core Feature

Brand Futchoy
Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 2.6 Kilowatts
Item Weight 6.5 Kilograms
Chain Length 20 Inches



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6) COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 

Best 20 inch chainsaw

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The COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC is tough and powerful. This robust gas-powered beast has a 20-inch chain and 3.5hp motor. Orange and 15.4 pounds, this chainsaw is powerful and elegant.

Finish Heavy Tasks Easily

The heavy-duty COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC cuts trees and firewood well. The powerful motor cuts even the toughest tasks. This chainsaw cuts for pros and DIYers.

Smooth, Easy Operation

Its automatic oiling helps this chainsaw stand out. This complex device lubricates the chain, decreasing friction and enhancing performance. Cut wood smoothly without stops.

Beauty and Function

The COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC is well-designed and performs well. The sleek design enhances its robustness, making it a distinctive tool in your collection. This chainsaw is noticeable on a job site or yard.

Durability and Reliability

COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC is durable and reliable. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship make this chainsaw durable. Its sturdy construction makes it a long-lasting toolkit addition.

Putting Safety First

Always use power tools safely. COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC has user and chainsaw safety measures. Operating safely is made easy by the ergonomic handle and chain brake mechanism, which stops the chain in case of backlash.

Easy Maintenance

Chainsaw performance and longevity depend on maintenance. User-friendly design makes COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC maintenance straightforward. Cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plug is simple, keeping your chainsaw running smoothly.

Green the Environment

COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC is a powerful, eco-friendly gas chainsaw. You’re choosing a chainsaw that meets modern environmental regulations and reduces emissions.

Finally, the COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC is durable and stylish. Cutting power and ease of use make it useful for pros and DIYers. Simplify any task while adding elegance. The COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC always works well and produces great results.

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  • Powerful engine for fast cutting
  • Anti-vibration handle for reduced fatigue
  • Automatic oiling system for less maintenance
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • 20-inch bar length for versatility

Core Feature

Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 3.5 hp
Item Weight 7 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 21.2″L x 12.2″W x 10.2″H
Chain Length 20 Inches



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7) Casulo 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw


Best 20 inch chainsawCheck Latest Price

Casulo 62cc Gas-Powered Chainsaw cuts trees and processes firewood well. This high-quality chainsaw boasts a 20-inch chain and 3.5hp motor for difficult jobs.

unleashing massive power

The 2.5KW Casulo chainsaw cuts anything. This gas-powered marvel is ideal for firewood and winter tree removal.


Safety is paramount with the Casulo 62cc chainsaw. Safety comes from its counter-attack and shrapnel mechanism. Work safely with such numerous safety features.

User-friendly and flexible

The powerful Casulo chainsaw is easy to use. Its innovative design makes it easy for homeowners and professionals to operate and relocate. Loggers and DIYers can cut easily with this chainsaw.

Red and Slim

Casulo 62cc Gas-Powered Chainsaw stands out with its sleek red color and great performance. It looks and works great. This sleek chainsaw will do the job and stand out.

Accept Manual Power

The Casulo 62cc is a manual-operated gas chainsaw. Whether you prefer a traditional approach or are out of gas, this chainsaw will work.

A Cut Above

A valued cutting partner, the Casulo chainsaw is more than a tool. Professionals and homeowners love its raw strength, user-friendliness, and increased safety features. This chainsaw lets you log professionally or securely manage your backyard.

The Casulo 62cc Gas-Powered Chainsaw is a top performer with superb appearance and functionality. A strong 3.5hp motor, 20-inch chain length, and adjustable operation set it apart. The Casulo 62cc chainsaw is the best for durability, efficiency, and safety.

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  • High-performance engine for efficient cutting
  • Anti-vibration handle for less fatigue
  • Automatic oiling system for hassle-free maintenance
  • 20-inch bar length for versatility
  • Large fuel tank for longer runtime

Core Feature

Brand casulo
Power Source Gas Powered
Horsepower 3.5 hp
Item Weight 15 Pounds
Chain Length 20 Inches


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Best 20 inch chainsaw 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Choosing the right 20 inch chainsaw should be based on a few key factors: size, quality, motor and price. Although many of these factors are subjective and dependant on each person’s preferences, there are certain points to consider when selecting a chainsaw.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review some of the best 20 inch chainsaws currently available. We’ll also outline important features to consider when making your decision, as well as address frequently asked questions about using a chain saw safely and effectively.

Whether you’re looking for a large or small chainsaw for occasional domestic use or extensive professional use, you should find helpful information here. The guide will cover everything from the list of criteria for purchasing the best 20-inch chain saws to reviews of some of the most popular models around.

7 Best 20 Inch Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

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Brief overview of chainsaws

Chainsaws are powered by electric motors or gasoline engines, and they cut through wood with fast-moving chains. This versatile tool is the go-to choice for basic tree pruning, felling, forestry work, and more.

A chainsaw typically ranges from 12 inches to 24 inches long — the size of your saw will depend on the job you plan to use it for. The average homeowner may only need a 12- or 16-inch saw for light yard maintenance tasks such as pruning branches. Professional arborists may require larger saws to tackle bigger jobs.

The 20-inch chainsaw is a powerful tool in between these two sizes; it’s capable of tackling more substantial tasks without overwhelming the user. Their shorter length makes them easier to maneuver than longer professional models, but their higher power levels allow you to cut through thick branches and trees with ease. This chainsaw can be used by both professional landscapers and basic homeowners alike — here’s how to choose the best 20 inch chainsaw in 2021.

Importance of choosing the right chainsaw

A chainsaw is an extremely versatile and powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous when not used properly. Choosing the right chainsaw is important for safety and effectiveness, as the wrong one could cause injury, break down or malfunction. Selecting a chainsaw that has the right weight and size for you to work with comfortably minimizes fatigue and reduces the risk of injury. Additionally, choosing a chainsaw that meets your cutting needs will make it easier to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

The cutting power of a particular model of chainsaw depends on its engine size (usually measured in cc’s). Smaller engines (under 40cc) are usually intended for lightweight tasks such as trimming trees or small limbs whereas large engines (over 40cc) are better suited to heavier jobs like felling larger trees. The type of chain installed on your saw also affects its cutting power; some models come with a standard chain; others come with a special chain designed to handle thicker branches or other specialized tasks.

Chainsaws also vary in terms of build quality – higher-end models have features such as automatic bar-oiler systems or quick-start mechanisms which can reduce user fatigue when operating the saw over an extended period of time. However, these features come at a premium price so if you’re only using the saw for occasional chores like trimming or pruning then buying a cheaper model may be more cost effective in the long run.

Remember: Different manufacturers will use different terminology to describe their products so it is important that you read product reviews from other customers before making your purchase to ensure that you choose the best chainsaw for your needs!

Introduction to 20-inch chainsaws

Choosing a chainsaw is an important decision with safety and practicality being the main considerations. When choosing the best 20 inch chainsaw it’s also important to consider things like size and power, usability, noise levels and price.

This buying guide will walk you through all the considerations to ensure that when you finally make your purchasing decision, you have all of the information at hand to make an informed selection.

We’ll talk about what size of saw is right for you, how to evaluate power ratings and torque output in engine displacement measurements, what type of bar and chain is best depending upon your needs, how to select from electric or gasoline powered models, noise levels produced by internal combustion engines versus electric motors, maintenance requirements for each type of saw and cost comparison factors.

By taking all of these factors into consideration you’ll be equipped to make the decision that best suits your needs.

Features to Consider When Choosing a 20-Inch Chainsaw

Choosing a 20-inch chainsaw requires evaluating various important features and considerations in order to identify the chainsaw that best meets your cutting needs. These can include engine size, chain type, bar length, safety features, design ergonomics and aftermarket support. Take the time to look through this buying guide and think about what features would be most beneficial for you when using a chainsaw.

  1. Engine Size: The size of your engine will usually determine the power of the saw and its effectiveness on tougher cutting tasks like felling trees or cutting logs. Chainsaws in the 20-inch range offer a variety of engine sizes from small hobbyist models up to professional grade saws with larger engines.
  2. Chain Type: Various chain types can improve both control and safety when using your chainsaw for long periods of time or for more demanding projects like removing deadfall from rocky terrain or steep banks. Many 20-inch chainsaws are available with low kickback systems which reduce fatigue by improving control over the chain tension and giving more leverage for harder cutting jobs.
  3. Bar Length: The bar length refers to the amount of metal between your hands when gripping the saw properly to get maximum control while working safely with it. Generally speaking, longer bars make it easier to tackle bigger tasks, so selecting a suitable bar length depending on your application is important in order to have enough reach without over extending yourself while operating at safe heights or digging into dense material like brushwood or saplings.
  4. Safety Features: When selecting any type of chainsaw, look out for industry standard safety features that range from kickback protection systems like anti-kickback blocks to speed controls which reduce wear on both your saw blades and yourself during operation as well as optional feature such as operator presence devices which automatically shut down operation once all guards are off the machine within a certain period of time if not reactivated manually again by touching them back onto the machine body (depending upon model).
  5. Design Ergonomics: Ergonomic handle designs provide further comfort during extended use so look out for comfortable grips that help keep strain off your hands when working at heights or in difficult terrain areas where gripping strength may be compromised due to vibration levels from longer bars or engines higher up top speed ratings than classic timber work may require some additional padding ergonomically engineered into handlebar designs; also beneficial if making large volumes fellings is part of normal activity as extended periods at raised heights have increased chances fatigue setting in due extra weight holding during sustained rotations executed at similar angles so having an ergonomic design really helps keep productivity up throughout day without getting knocked down quickly by fatigue muscle related pains afterwards; Also always seek getting a chainsaw approved by OHS authorities if needing it certified officially safe use even need workers’ compensation coverage purchased top easily prevent fatalities while preventing serious damages arising potential claims towards business even with insurance still being non guarantee conditions met all moments seasonally operated activities demanded companies qualified personnel running high risk operations.

Engine power

A 20-inch chainsaw is typically powered by a gas engine with a capacity of 40cc to 56cc. Depending on the type of fuel you will be using, look for an engine that is compatible with whichever fuel you prefer. For example, while some engines can operate on both unleaded gasoline and two-stroke oil, others may not have this option.

Generally speaking, engines that operate on unleaded gasoline emit less smoke than those using two-stroke oil. It’s best to research each model before making a purchase in order to ensure you are choosing an engine that meets your power needs and aligns with your preferences for fuel usage.

Durability and ease of maintenance

One of the important factors to consider when shopping for a 20-inch chainsaw is its durability and ease of maintenance. Chainsaws come with a variety of fuel systems, bar materials, and maintenance requirements that should all be considered carefully.

It’s important to make sure the chainsaw you select can handle your cutting needs and the environment you’ll be working in. Selecting a quality product will ensure you’re getting enough power and performance, as well as a saw that has been designed with long-term use in mind. Quality construction will also usually equate to less maintenance due to better components, providing you with prolonged performance efficiency and saving money in the long run.

When it comes to ease of maintenance, an oiled chainsaw is generally your best choice due to the need for less frequent upkeep and servicing. Most 20-inch saws have an auto-oiler feature which makes this maintenance process virtually hands-off — just remember that these systems are only effective when properly used according to manufacturer specs. Additionally, pay close attention when selecting chainsaws for their safety brakes/controls as these can provide additional protection from kickback during operational use.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for 20-Inch Chainsaws

When using a 20-inch chainsaw, it’s important to follow safety protocols and ensure proper maintenance. This will extend the life of your chainsaw, reduce stress on the components, and maximize the quality of your cutting performance. Here are a few safety tips:

  • Always wear proper protective gear such as closed-toe shoes, hearing protection, and eye protection when using a 20-inch chainsaw.
  • Read and understand the instruction manual for specific maintenance information before making any adjustments or repairs.
  • Keep small children away from the work area when operating a chainsaw.
  • Make sure to keep your body clear of all parts of the saw during operation – always cut away from yourself.
  • Use only freshly sharpened chain saw blades to achieve maximum cutting power.
  • Keep hands clear of all parts while starting or stopping -never touch a hot chainsaw engine with unprotected hands.
  • Use an approved fire extinguisher if a fire starts while using the chainsaw.

It’s also important to maintain your 20-inch chainsaw by following these tips:

  • Check tension regularly and make sure the chain saw blade is properly tightened before use. This is especially important after you have sharpened it or replaced it with a new one.
  • Apply lubricant oil in abundance even when you are not using it as this will help protect against rusting and corrosion over time.
  • Clean off dirt, grime or dust from moving parts every time you sharpen or replace blades on yourchainsaw regularly – this will help improve overall performance and prevent malfunctions from occurring often due to build up of debris over time .
  • Store in dry place out dampness – drier areas make for better long term storage for20-Inch Chainsaws.

Proper maintenance practices

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your 20 inch chainsaw. Many manufacturers offer comprehensive maintenance instructions for their saws, and it’s important to follow them in order to keep your saw in the best condition.

Proper chain tension, keeping the chain and bar lubricated, and sharpening your chain regularly are all critical elements to maintaining a good-working saw. Avoiding overexerting your saw is also important — if it’s straining too much, you may need a larger size or a more powerful motor.

Additionally, some models require specific fuels, bar sizes, or temperatures for optimal performance — be sure to buy the right accessories for your model.

Finally, ensure that when you’re working with the saw that you’re taking necessary safety precautions and wearing protective gear like gloves and goggles.

Safety tips when using a chainsaw

Before using any type of chainsaw, it is extremely important to practice safety tips and prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. Here are some things you should pay close attention to when working with a chainsaw.

  1. Wear protective equipment – You should always wear protective glasses, hearing protection, heavy leather shoes or boots, and protective clothing such as long pants, long-sleeved shirt and gloves.
  2. Understand the chain tension – The chain must always be set correctly and shouldn’t be too loose or too tight – if it’s too loose then it can jump off the guide bar – if tension is too tight, it will strain the motor and cause unnecessary vibrations that can be hazardous to operate.
  3. Have a firm grip on the chainsaw – Make sure you have a secure grip on the chainsaw at all times while in operation – if you lose your grip or your hand slips then serious injury can occur due to contact with the chain and bar.
  4. Check the chain brake – This is an essential safety feature that every chainsaw has; this device stops the saw immediately once activated by kickback force or contact with your body parts like hands or face before any serious damage occurs – make sure it’s in proper working order before turning on your saw for use!
  5. Keep your feet firmly planted on ground – Your footing should remain firmly planted on solid ground at all times during use of the saw – good balance is key and drastically reducing chances of kickbacks occurring from an unstable stance leading potentially fatal accidents!

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain

A sharpen chainsaw chain is an essential part of maintaining a functioning chainsaw and can greatly improve the life of your saw and the quality of cutting it provides. To ensure that your saw is always ready to work at its best, it is important to perform regular chain sharpening as part of your routine maintenance program. Here are the main steps you need to follow when sharpening a chainsaw chain.

  1. Assemble the Tools: You will need a round file, a flat file, and two files (for 0.325-inch or 3/8-inch pitch) for both full chisel and semi-chisel saw chains. If possible, use pre-sharpened carbide tipped files that can be reused several times without losing their sharpness.
  2. Inspect Your Chain: Look at your chain closely and pay attention to any irregularities or damage in the links that could indicate improper tightening or rough use during previous cutting jobs. If any links appear bent or distorted, replace them with new parts before proceeding with sharpening the chain because such flaws could impair its balance and affect its performance during future cuts.
  3. Start Sharpening: Set up a secure holder for your file in order to keep hands free from harm while you work; use a vise grip handle or clamp if necessary to hold it in place firmly when filing each cutter tooth along its length only in one direction; remain attentive while filing otherwise you may inadvertently make marks across some cutters that would cause further problems later on during operation unless removed correctly with successive stroking on both sides until even again before moving onto another cutter link on adjoining loops around the circumference of your saw chain instead; repeat this process upon each individual link doing several rounds until all have been completely refiled according to this same procedure consistently completing one pass successive loop around before beginning a second pass again; check regularly while proceeding by sight alone until all cutters shine with perfect evenness reemerging from underneath from last piece filed away just then having finally completed with fully resharpened chainsaw blade whole ready for operational service once more again!

The Best Electric Chainsaws in 2023 - Electric Chainsaw Reviews

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Ultimately, choosing the best 20-inch chainsaw for your needs depends on the kind of work you plan to use it for. Some models may perform better at cutting softer wood, while some are designed for heavier-duty jobs. Considering your experience level, the features you need, and common safety rules is a great way to narrow down your choice.

If you need a powerful saw capable of tackling even large jobs, then you should look into models with greater torque and chain blade speed. On the other hand, if working with smaller projects is all that’s on your agenda then lower power options may be best. And don’t forget to include any necessary accessories or protective clothing before making your final selection.

No matter what way you go about selecting a 20-inch chainsaw, it’s absolutely essential to arm yourself with knowledge before making a purchase so that you can be sure that the model meets both your safety and performance needs.


What is the most reliable chainsaw on the market?

The most reliable chainsaw on the market is subjective and can vary depending on personal preference and needs. However, some brands known for producing reliable chainsaws are STIHL, Husqvarna, and Echo.

How big of a tree can a 20 inch chainsaw cut?

The maximum tree size that a 20-inch chainsaw can cut depends on the chainsaw’s power and the user’s skill level. Typically, a 20-inch chainsaw can handle trees with a diameter of 18 to 24 inches.

What is a 20 inch chainsaw used for?

A 20-inch chainsaw is commonly used for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting large trees, firewood, and timber for construction.

Who makes the most reliable chainsaw?

STIHL, Husqvarna, and Echo are known for producing some of the most reliable chainsaws on the market.

Which chainsaw is best for home use?

The best chainsaw for home use depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Some good options for home use include lightweight and compact electric or cordless models.

Why are STIHL chainsaws better?

STIHL chainsaws are considered better because of their high-quality components, durability, and superior performance.

What length of chainsaw is best?

The best length of chainsaw depends on the intended use. For light yard work and pruning, a 12 to 16-inch chainsaw is suitable. For heavy-duty tasks such as felling large trees, a 20-inch chainsaw or larger is required.

What is the hardest wood to cut with chainsaw?

The hardest wood to cut with a chainsaw is typically hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and maple due to their density and toughness.

How do I choose a chainsaw size?

When choosing a chainsaw size, consider the intended use, user’s skill level, and power requirements. For light work, a smaller chainsaw is suitable, while heavy-duty tasks require a larger, more powerful chainsaw.

What are the five best chainsaws?

The five best chainsaws depend on the user’s specific needs and preferences. Some top-rated chainsaws include the STIHL MS 271 Farm Boss, Husqvarna 460 Rancher, Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf, Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chainsaw, and DeWalt DCCS670X1 FlexVolt Cordless Chainsaw.

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